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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Easy Methods for Getting High quality Backlinks

Backlinks are the key of SEO and it is very difficult for making good quality backlinks. Yet when you engage in accurate it really is not any game for making significant amount involving good quality backlinks. This article list provides several method of building backlinks. Lets look at the list

  • Create good quality Contents

Simplest way for getting backlinks can be produce quite true and good quality content in your web site or blog. When you have really good content visitors will likely website, link your content in various other websites and they're going to bookmark your blog with regard to foreseeable future guide. A little while many blog writers can replicate thought of the content and they're going to make his or her content applying the one you have, nevertheless but they will add a reference link to your website in their article.

  • Blog Commenting

You can read different blog as well as give a review in comment for their for post with the URL of your website. Yet bear in mind a very important factor tend not to spam. If you spam they will likely ban your own IP or maybe they will simply take away your own review. bear in mind to provide your own url using positive review similar to

“This content value a great deal. thanks completely pertaining to sharing your own information with us. You maybe find interest in my site also : http: //www.”.

  • Posting on High PR Forum

You can be active on high PR Forum and you can use community forum signature with your website URL. I have posted list of High PR forum checklist previous to and help to make dofollow backlinks.

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  • Guest Posting

Guest Posting is usually at an additional great strategy to obtain the quantity of quality backlinks to your site. Maintain in your thoughts just before going to a destination for a perform visitor placing. For starters, make a certain visitor placing blog possesses identical subject since your website. if your blog is about SEO, the guest posting blog also should be about SEO and one more thing guest posting blog should have high PR than your blog.

  • Web Directories

Most of the web directories have very high PR.  you can submit your site url to web directories. there is generic directory like DMOZ and most of them are free to use. but follow instruction carefully so you wont get disapproved.

  • Social Bookmarking

This is another way to make backlinks some of them gives you dofollow backlinks too. you should get into some of social bookmarking sites submit your site. but remember most of the social bookmarking site do not give quality backlinks. but still worth :)

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  • Share Article on social media

You can share your article on social media like Facebook and Tweeter. Probably you can just make an official page for your website on those social media websites. but most of the social media website wont give dofollow backlinks. but still you should do it since they have very high PR.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Top Easy Ways To Generate Huge Traffic To New Blog

Top Easy Ways To Generate Huge Traffic To New Blog

Blogger SEO Training - Execute anyone request The way to Raise Targeted visitors in our new Blog? The way to carry increasingly more guest in our Freshly created Blog? That is just about the biggest questions request by each beginner Blogger on their good friends and also Social Media. In this article I am going to let you know several fundamental ways to increase Blog visitors on your own new blog.

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Discuss Your new Blog with Everyone

Following publish a piece of writing inside your new blog next discuss the item with all your Pals as well as Social media. Social media tend to be play a significant part for getting fast targeted visitors. You'll be able to discuss your content on most well-liked social internet sites like google+, myspace, linkdin, pinterest as well as tweets too... you may also send your new content url by way of e mail in order to your family and friends. in this way you get many instantaneous visitors.

Write New and exclusive/Unique Content always

In case you are creator of blog/site and wants to bring top quality targeted traffic for your web site then you have to generate top quality and significant content material on daily schedule. Remember usually generate pertaining to followers not necessarily pertaining to search engines. In no way publish copy content material since it messed up your website popularity and as well reduce your followers too.

(I Always Says Content Is King)

Beautifies Your Post

You can customize you content by adding eyes capturing photos, video tutorials which are in connection with your article. Produce in depth as well as include Every thing there from A to Z. Make articles additional beautiful by building Heading tag, by simply modifying word fashion such as italic, strong and in addition colorize the text simply because readers prefer to look through using eyes way too..

Keywords Lead Your Website to Success!

These are the keywords which lead your website a successful eCommerce or eBusiness, they can lead you to hell too, you have to be very careful selecting them, after all you or your assigned marketers are going to put their all efforts to bring your website on top of those keywords. The important thing is that you should know how keywords work and the best way to do that is with a keyword selector tool.

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Offer Free of charge Material in your Visitor

Attempt to Offer some Free of charge Things like Blogger Widgets, Web templates, blogging suggestions absolve to them or readers. generate some Free gifts this may also increase your site visitors swiftly.

Blogs Commenting

Always make relation with your other niche bloggers. Discuss various other blog to get some backlinks and gain your blog visitors. While you producing comment constantly compose actual and useful feedback Do not make comment for only backlinks.

Guests Post

Attempt to Publish your post on niche related blog and high PR blog as a gues  post. Coming from distributing guest post always assist you to obtain blog readers, everyday subscriber, and in addition learn about your blog. you can also find some quick visitors and that means you can boost your blog visitors too.

Make an effort to Build your Blog Seo Friendly

Search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Aol which are provide you a massive chance for targeted traffic, quite a few new blog dismiss this task to complete Basic SEO. Write search engine optimization friendly post along with help make your website search engine helpful.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

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How To Get Quality Links To Your Website

In this post I am going to tell about tips on how to acquire Quality Backlinks at your website that are connected with top quality and as well along with Google's conditions. What i'm saying is inbound links aimed at your website. Mr. The search engines generally wish an outstanding and normal backlink via other website yet if you are using wrong strategy to acquire website link your website absolutely disciplined with seek result.

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With current time me and a lot of many people tend to be making backlinks by wanting to know good friends to swap backlinks to you. and you will receive a back link out of your good friends website.

yet during those times you will get this particular normal website link by numerous ways and boost your own search engine optimization. With down below currently a few of the doable approach to acquire normal website link aimed at your website.


Article distribution can be a popular way to create backlinks - however perform content syndication just high quality content syndication sites. A number of these sites in world-wide-web are usually poor quality. consequently See a very best content sites within your niche and also produce high quality articles or blog posts.

When you produce a write-up and also release in of which content syndication website bear in mind to provide a reference box by the end of which backlinks here we are at a page in of which content syndication website. Search engines like google abide by these kinds of back links and also allow you to boost ones rank in the google search.


Youtube is also a good website and acquire organic backlinks. Produce video clip in addition to Publish it to be able to Youtube website link again aimed at your site in this video clip description. It is the best way to acquire excellent links because Youtube is a no. 1 video clip internet hosting websites.


Another method to obtain a quality backlink can be a forum signature. Right now take care whilst becoming a member of the actual Forum. Go with a forum that's specifically related to your site or website. Check out Excessive HIGH PR FORUM  website number becoming a member of in debate and put ones signature right now there. Ensure that you perform get involved with the Forum and giving constantly helpful advice there.

Anchor Text

The written text that you just work with to be able to link returning aimed at your site is important. If you are using identical key phrase upon just about every anchor text message of course your link shows as a junk website. The main thing should be to combine in place your keyword/phrases you are use in your anchor text message.

Instant Targeted visitors

Making use of these types of site to get links back to their website and give us instant traffic from that particular sites. Website visitors reading your posts, seeing your movies as well as reading your Forum threads.
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Saturday, November 30, 2013

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Top 10 Tips To Get Easily Huge Traffic


Topic selection is one of the most important factor affecting good traffic. Blogs with less popular and boring topics will lead to low traffic. Such blogs will not be likely to readers. So it is an important factor. You should choose a topic with wide popularity. You should have deep knowledge in that topic.


Increase number of relevant and related posts. This should be very informative and presented in an interesting way that readers get stick to it. This make readers to make your blog book marked and visit multiple times. This creates a huge range of returning visitors and your blog will be rated better and better.


It is very important part of a blog. Blogs which looks less attractive will also lead to low traffic.  So it should have an attractive design and layout. The blog should contain a nice layout, easy to navigate interface, avoiding unwanted materials............. should be done with proper care.


The way you present your idea is also important. It should be very easy to understand for visitors. Does not require Advanced Language. But it should be in moderate language. It should not contain plenty of spelling and grammatical mistakes. You should present the topic in such a way that readers get attracted and stick to it.


Socialization is also an important part of it. We should integrate social websites like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE+, LINKEDIN, ............ Social websites have a remarkable role in generating good traffic. In the beginning onwards I have noticed that a major portion of my blog’s traffic were created by them.


You should post sharable contents. When you post interesting, relevant, informative, popular contents,....... it make readers to share your posts in social websites and this will lead to huge traffic generation. They will leave a comment, likes your posts, and share your posts.


You should include an email subscription link in you blog for your blog readers to get notified on updates of your blog. Comments, new posts, ..... will be notified. Notifications will be send to their mail id and they clicks through this links and get in to your blog and thus increase your blog’s traffic substantially.


Sub your blog to several blog directories available now. This creates a portion of visitors to your blog. You can submit your blog to free referring  sites to get some traffic. But this methods require your blog to be highly informative and useful.


Commenting and creating Back links on other websites and blogs can also bring some traffic to your blog. Concentrate on commenting and creating back links on blogs and websites with huge traffic.


It is the most important method to create huge traffic. You can advertise in other good traffic websites or advertisers websites in order to get traffic to your blog. This method can create huge chances of traffic. But this method also costs huge when above methods does not cost much.
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Top 14 SEO Tricks Except Backlinks

Top 14 SEO Tricks Except Backlinks

If you are webmaster i am sure you already heard about Google search engine updates. Google was changing there search engine strategies time to time. recently they came with two updates call panda update and penguin update. with this two update some site ranks was dropped very badly. Google changed there strategies but there is some old school methods which still use.  but you have to remember on thing for all of bellow tricks you need a good article content. We all know which place backlink has in the SEO. i have posted several backlink articles so we do not going to talk about backlinks here.

Top 14 SEO Tricks

01 Add Meta description to home, pages and articles.

Normally some websites have only one description for whole site and only one keyword prase as well. but i suggest you to use different discriptions and related keywords to each and every pages, articles.

02 Add Image description and alt tag

Whenever upload an image do not forget to add alt tag and small description. but remember one thing alt tag and description should be related to article content.

 03 XML Sitemap

This is simple thing normally we all already do. just create a XML Sitemap and submit it to search engine webmaster tools so they can easily index your pages.

04 Add your website to Webmaster Tools.

You can add your website to Google webmaster tools, Bing Webmaster Tools,Yahoo Analytic, Alexa and other impotent places.

05 Use Permalinks

Change your permalinks to simple and understandable because they are very SEO friendly.

06 Google+ Page

Create a Google plus page to your website. social media sites normally do not give any dofollow backlinks but Google plus have very high place in Google search engine. even they show how many followers website has on search results.

07 Remove broken links

Google hates broken links use some broken link checker application and remover all broken links in your website.

08 Optimize website loading speed

Google is already put eye on this matter now. you can re-size images before uploading. images are the main content that increase load time. and get faster hosting provider and use cache.

09 Avoid spams

Use some plugin for avoid comment spam. moderate your comments and do not let spammers to flush your site :P

10 Use social share buttons

Add social share buttons to yours site. so readers can just one click share it in to the social media. Google and bing love social shares.

11 Add your Categories to XML Sitemap

You should add categories to XML Sitemap so Google can easily index your categories as well.

12 Do not index tags

Do not add tags to XML Sitemap. if you did remove it as soon as possible and do not use more than 4 tags per post.

13 Use no-follow links

For external links use nofollow attribute or Google crawlers will just ignore your website.

14 Use headers

Use h1,h1 and h3 html header tags for your article. header tags got a good place in SEO.

Enjoy SEO :)

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Monday, November 4, 2013


Highly Effective Traffic Generation For Blogger

Highly Effective Traffic Generation For Blogger
Traffic generation to a blog or website is the main target of an entrepreneur or a business because huge targeted traffic flow to a blog is a guarantee to the success of the company’s business online. Individuals and small businesses having blogs or websites, to make money online, can also have success only if they are able to attract huge amount of targeted traffic to their blog/website.

Webmasters and blog owners use many ways from SEO tips and techniques to making payments for traffic flow. In this article we are going to let you know some very highly effective techniques for free traffic generation. These tactics won’t cost you anything; instead they will earn you a lot. 

Use of Free Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising 

Using free Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an awesome technique to expand the viewership. There are various PPC search engines which are providing up to $100 in free credits. PPC search engine managers like to expand their customer base so they give you free credits to prove that PPC advertising really works. 

Google Adwords and Yahoo Overture are popular PPC search engines that provide handsome amount of targeted traffic. However there are several other PPC search engines offering hundreds of dollars of free web promotion credits; you can search on net. Go to any PPC search engine and sign up for your free advertising account. You can select as many PPC search engines as you wish. You can claim your credits by just visiting the various engines and web directories and sign-up. 

Use Unique and High Demand Keywords 

Use money-making keywords and phrases and get higher ranking in search engine results without spending anything. Search results for a specific search are displayed by search engines using keyword crawling tools (search engine spiders) for relevant searches. More you use search friendly keywords more you get traffic through search engines. 

Use of proper keywords and phrases puts your site on the top of search engine results. Choose unique and high demand keywords that are relevant to your content. Also learn building profitable key phrases and keyword groups that appear on top of search results. Your niche and site’s/ blog’s content must agree with each other otherwise you would soon end up in a fail. 

Building and Exchanging Links 

Build and exchange links with the businesses having the same niche as yours. Exchanging links with other sites on the same niche mutually benefits both parties. This helps attracting traffic from other sites as well as you also provide traffic to them. Both sides work to generate two-way enhanced traffic. Therefore, you must exchange links with as many sites as possible. However, keep in mind that they should have the same niche as yours because the links with sites on other niches will not benefit you. 

Publish Your Articles on Other Websites and Blogs 

You can write articles for the sites and blogs having the same niche as yours. You can also write for free articles’ sites. You will find a number of sites that offer free submissions and posting of articles. Articles having great quality content and useful information on the subject will be regarded high by the websites and blogs. Useful tips, nice pieces of advice and proper guidelines on the subject are always welcome and give you a high rating among readers.

When people in search of useful information, quenching their quest, will visit those sites, on which your articles are published, you will get a good chance to attract them to your blog/site. They will try to find out where the article has originated from and a brief description of you or a link of your site attached to your article will flow them to you. 

Online Communities, Forums and Groups 

Online forums, blogs, groups and communities help you promoting your company. You must take advantage of this free of cost marketing and promotional opportunity. You need to do a little ground work of targeting groups, forums, blogs and communities related your bog’s/ website’s subject.  

For example if you write on social media or affiliate marketing you have to find groups, communities, blogs and forums on these topics, You can present your views and other good things related to your business/ company and listen to others for establishing mutual business relationship. You can tell other what you offer and why you offer. 

Another plus point of joining forums and groups is that you judge the psyche of people and act in a line of people’s demand. It helps you capturing the market in your niche and building a good reputation of your company. Your customers may as well convey your credibility and reputation to other potential customers and hence flow of traffic to your blog will increase many folds. 

Offering Newsletters to Customers 

You must offer newsletters to your customers. You can provide viewers with a log or list of your products and good articles. People will sign up for your newsletters and may also recommend it to others. This will enhance the traffic flow to your site or blog. 

Use of Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a very effective method to promote your company. It is a way to promote your blog or website by spreading the word about your company among web communities and groups. Any good idea or hot topic can be used to send your ideas across the net. You can create a project or a gossip regarding your niche’s topic by yourself. Rumors and scandals related to you niche can also be used for the said purpose. 

Unique Content

Always try providing your readers with the great content they won’t find anywhere else. When they will read interesting and helpful content they would stay for a longer time on your blog or website. This would surely draw them to read some other interesting content. They are likely to pass it on to others and as result traffic generation occurs to your blog. 

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How to Attract Google Targeted Traffic

Preparing a website or blog and hoisting it on net is one thing but attracting targeted traffic to it means something else which really needs to be understood with clarity and then methods to achieve that be executed in a professional manner. By targeted traffic we really mean visitors that are genuine and unique and would direct other potential visitors to your blog or website as well.

How to Attract Google Targeted Traffic

We provide you here with some nice tips and tricks to increase Google targeted traffic to you website.

Keywords and Phrases

As a blogger you may well be aware of the fact that how important Keywords and Phrases are to attract visitors and promote your business effectively. However, without a proper search and investigation of Keywords and Phrases several online marketers fail to achieve their required target and some even fall flat at the end of the day.

The main purpose of your keywords and phrases investigation should be to find a keyword or phrase with fairly low competition and leverage off that. Google’s keyword too provides you with the primary essentials of your blog. However, by using a “pay-for” tool like Industry Samurai or WordTracker will provide you the genuine information for functioning. This is really important to know the best about targeted traffic to you website or blog.

Google Targeted Traffic Means Genuine Visitors

People like to see what they want to. Thus, the targeted traffic means to attract the genuine visitors to your websites. If they don’t like what you are presenting to them they will just close your website and move to others. This will really harm your efforts as they won’t share your site with their friend as well or join you on Facebook etc. So, it doesn’t only mean losing your current visitors but the potential ones as well. So your content should be astounding, mesmeric and charming to win the visitors.

The statistics showing Google targeted traffic are actual people who are visiting your website. So, realizing this fact is important to attract and retain the majority of the visitors. But if there is nothing amazing and captivating in your website or material beneficial to your visitors nobody will be willing to search for it anymore. 

Create Google Targeted traffic with Fantastic Content

Use the titles that people want to read and use your keyword in the beginning of the title. Be prudent to write the titles that attract the visitors most. An effective title is “How to”. “Tips” and “Tricks” are also very effective. Every day hundreds of thousands of people write these keywords to search for what they are looking for. There is a lot of free information about how to write successful titles on the internet. See how it performs. 

Be aware that even if you write a most amazing and delightful post but with a lousy title nobody is going to be enticed into reading it. 

Break the Content into Digestible Chunks

Make your content interesting by using brief sentences and short paragraphs. Content should be broken down into easily readable chunks because a common visitor gets tired and bored by reading lengthy and a heavy content. 

Add videos to your Internet site

You need to add videos to your internet sites, YouTube and your Facebook page. Fascinating and attractive videos are subject to attract a lot of Google targeted traffic.

Writing Guests Posts for other blog owners

A plenty of traffic could be attracted by writing Guest Posts for other Blog owners. This will enable you have an access to the targeted traffic of those blogs because you are writing a free article for them. It is like you scratch my back and I do yours or on a give and take basis. It’s a win-win game. 

Participate on Blogs and Forums

You must participate on Blogs and Forums because it will allow you to leave a backlink for your website. Participating on other people's blogs within a similar niche for your own, helps you build a good reputation and draw the visitors of that site to your own internet site. Don’t hesitate doing it as most blogs and forums will permit you leaving a backlink for your website or blog.

Backlinks for Google Traffic

To attract the Google targeted traffic to your website you must post your website to various productive channels. Do it as much as you could. Write articles and submit them to article directories to obtain important backlinks there. Creating Google visitors benefits you with developing as many backlinks as you'll be able to.

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Why Backlinks are so Important

Dear readers I do hope that you are fine and everything is going on well, today I’m going to tell you about the above title which is why banklinks are being so important nowadays so according to my views search engines are the very powerful and vital tool when it comes across to getting relevant traffic. It has been experienced that 90% of the traffic comes from those, so putting some efforts in order to get higher positions is well worth it. In the constant battle with the search engines, there are two main approaches in existence – on page and off page optimization. Utilizing both of them is sure to boost your results and get you ahead of the competition.

To make on page optimization

Here I would like to let you apprise that on page optimization includes techniques, such as modifying Title and Meta tags for example, as well as adding relevant keywords to the website’s content. Although this might seem an easy task, not everyone can squeeze its full potential. On the other hand, the impact of those techniques is roughly 25%. The rest 75% go to off page optimization and that is where marketers should concentrate their efforts.

Off page optimization

The most crucial aspect of offsite optimization is the so called backlinks. Backlinks are in short links from other pages that refer to one’s website. They hold a great importance to search engines, since they serve as recommendations, showing that the information one’s offering is relevant and trustworthy.

Quality in relation to quantity

Link building is the process of obtaining backlinks from other websites and in order to get it to work, you have to keep in mind that quantity is not always for the better. Getting ten relevant backlinks is far superior, than one hundred low quality backlinks.

The number one rule which you have to keep in your mind is that spamming for the sole purpose of getting backlinks is not allowed! Google has developed complex algorithms, which will detect that your intention is increasing search engine positions. In the end the only thing you will achieve, is getting your site banned and probably deindexed. In the next few paragraphs I’m going to introduce you to several tactics that are sure to bring in some quality backlinks and the best thing is that you won’t have to spend a dime! At the same time you don’t have to be some kind of a guru to get them working, hence they’re perfect for a newbie.

Use of backlinks from Directories

Directories are by far the most popular technique for getting backlinks and a matter of fact a lot of the big players have started namely with directory submissions. That method is straight forward – one Google search on directories is sure to bring in thousands and thousands of such sites. In most of them, there’s a ‘submit site’ or ‘submit a link’ button, after which filling in few lines of information about the site is required and that’s all there is. You should be careful when submitting to directories though, since generating dozens of backlinks in a short period of time might get you into trouble with the search engines. You can either lose positions on your keyphrases or worse - get your site banned. Adding 3-4 backlinks a day is good enough and is not going to cause any problems.

Getting backlinks from Blogs

Nowadays search engines are starting to give higher importance to backlinks from blogs, which is pretty good, since just by commenting on an article you have read, you can get yourself a quality backlink. You just have to make sure that your chosen blog is a dofollow one, as otherwise the links won’t be used by the search engines when calculating page rank. I would like to recommend you a simple plug-in for Firefox users that highlights nofollow and dofollow links in different colors – red and blue respectively. That can really be useful when you are not sure whether the blog, you want to comment on is dofollow. We are also a dofollow blog - leave a comment and you will get a backlink.

In the last, if you want to go a step further and obtain even better backlinks, guest blogging might turn out to be the thing for you. There are hundreds of blogs in existence that allow guest articles. You just need to come up with an interesting and relevant one. Then you drop the administrators an email and if they approve, you are one step closer to reaching the top pages in the search results for your keyword and getting tons of traffic. I hope that this article will help you to understand about the Banklinks important nowadays.

Extracting backlinks from Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking is in my opinion a great way for getting high PR links. It strangely seems to be quite an underrated method and its full potential is yet to be unraveled. You should first start with the more popular bookmarking sites, such as Digg and Stumbleupon. After registering start submitting your site, vote for other people’s sites and add comments. That is sure to raise your authority and give you even higher exposure. Check out the following link for a great list of 50 dofollow social bookmarking sites.

If it is wanted to be got the high traffic and quality backlinks so above top 3 months are more reliable for it and because of it if anyone put some time and efforts, it is must that positive and attractive results sure to come.
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50+ DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites

Dofollow social bookmarking sites have a craze on webmaster’s mind. We all know why we look for do follow social bookmarking sites. I have observed that people look for do follow social bookmarking sites instead of just bookmarking sites. I can’t say how long these sites will survive because these sites come and go. We only look for these sites to bookmark our content and get dofollow links, because these links matter most in search ranking. But one more thing is important that is quality of the coming link form a DF site.

This list has 50+ dofollow social bookmarking sites. I have manually checked all the links are working and DF.

01.    Reddit
02.    Metafilter
03.    Dzonelinks
04.    Bizsugar
05.    Bookmark4you
06.    A1-webmarks
07.    Blogengage
08.    Kwoff
09.    Fwisp
10.    Themee
11.    Vlade
12.    Blogmarks
13.    Weaveman
14.    Scoopit
15.    Arrivenews
16.    Toaca
17.    Moolets
18.    Linkatopia
19.    Bitper
20.    Guide07
21.    Benthell
22.    Adeadland
23.    Mylinkvault
24.    Booman
25.    Pqrnews
26.    Abreeder
27.    Getacidic
28.    Crbone
29.    Casehall
30.    Fossilpark
31.    Viewcool
32.    Biteharvest
33.    Allyearlinks
34.    Easerow
35.    Harryroolaart
36.    Betortured
37.    Bateat
38.    Boneeater
39.    Way2bookmarks
40.    Postolia
41.    Bigpiranha
42.    Newsgarbage
43.    Ioch
44.    Easymash
45.    Osusports
46.    Moldfacts
47.    Bestlivelinks
48.    Bestsoftlinks
49.    Bookmarkslife
50.    Freebulklinks
51.    Heliumbeta
52.    Linksbookmark
53.    Linksdelicious
54.    Linksmultiply
55.    Linkstress

Source of Information:

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6 Easy Tips For Search Engine Optimization

6 Easy Tips For Search Engine Optimization
SEO itself is not a complicated process as is considered by many, but it requires some research and little time spending for rightly directed SEO efforts. You also need a bit of common sense to apply those SEO tips and tricks which you have learnt through your research for optimum results.

This tutorial is intended at teaching you six very easy tips on how to get the maximum results from your efforts to boost your blog’s SEO. I hope if you are going to follow these simple but effective tips properly you would surely enhance your blog’s ranking in search engines.  

Jot down a list of Keywords and Key phrases:

The competition is so high that using single popular word as keyword or using very popular key phrases for optimization will be a futile effort. It is because that websites with low search engine rankings or having small age on web will be found nowhere near in the search results.

In this situation you need to compile a list of keywords and phrases by targeting the most commonly and frequently used keywords on your blog page or website. Using phrases and combinations of keywords is also vital as most searchers use a phrase or a group of words for their intended search instead of using just a single word. Using a correct and targeted parlance is a great gimmick in SEO of your blog or website.

Edit Tags in your Blog Using Targeted Keywords:

Using the keywords from your list of keywords, your first step forward should be to amend your tile tag, meta description tag and meta keyword tag.  You have to limit yourself to specific number of characters in each tag for better and optimum search results. For example the title tag should contain maximum 14 to 16 characters. The description meta tag should contain no more than 160 characters and keyword meta tag should contain a maximum of 220 characters. Inserting keywords into your webpage is also helpful for higher search engine ranking.

Use character Counter Tool Click Here

Don’t use the words: the, and, are is, am, do, does, being, did, a, an, and prepositions as key words or in key phrases. This really affects ranking of your blog or site. Removal of such words also allows you using more blog/site specific keywords within prescribed characters’ limit.

Use of Anchor Text Links:

Use anchor text links for keywords related to your blog’s topic on the top and at the bottom of your page. This is because search engines start reading a page from its header and end reading at the footer. This helps optimization of your blog/ website in search engines. You can use four to six anchor text links for each keyword according to the size of your page.

Correct Placement of Keywords: 

Keyword placement is very essential and plays a vital role in raising the ranking of your blog or website in search engines. SEO experts say that keywords should be placed in both the first and the last 50 words on the page. Anchor text links help you placing the key words in the header and footer of your blog page.  Now place the keywords and phrases in the left side of your page, then in the center and lastly in the right side of the page.

Remember that search engines read the header of the page first, then they start reading from the top left going down the left side till the end , then the center of the page is read from the top to the bottom and then they read the right side from top and go down till the end.  Lastly they read the footer of the web page.

Avoid Keyword stuffing:

Though you have to add keywords to all portions as mentioned yet you should neither repeat keywords nor do stuff images with keywords. Use anchor text instead of images. Keyword stuffing and repetition is taken as spamming by the search engines and is considered as black hat SEO technique. It harms your blog’s/ site’s ranking.

Use of Backlinks:

Backlinks is another important factor that is helpful in increasing your search engine rankings. Link building is an excellent way to increase your blog’s/ site’s popularity. Reciprocal linking is more effective than one-way linking. However one-way links are also useful as they don’t require linkback and link pages to setup. Excellent quality one-way links can be built by article and directory submission. To gain high rankings on the search engines quality matters and not quantity. So try building quality backlinks no matter they are less in quantity.
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Select Right Keyword For Blog & Websites

Select Right Keyword For Blog & Websites

What is a Phrase or Keyword?

A phrase or keyword is a single or group of words which is used to create a search statement to find information by search engine like Google users. It was understood during the early days of search engine development, as it was not possible to ask natural language questions and find the desired sites.

Keywords are Gateway of Your eBusiness!

Keywords are the gateway for any website on internet, and with wrong keywords you cannot be successful. It really doesn’t matter how good your SEO Practices are? Or how good your SEO Strategy is? If you are failed to get right kind of traffic at your website. There are a lot of tools for keyword research. Some are free and some paid. But I prefer Keyword Adwords Tool.

Wrong Phrase or Keyword

There can be many definitions of wrong keywords, such as a wrong keyword or phrase is a keyword or phrase which is irrelevant with products or services of website. Which has poor conversion of visitors into paying customers, and which is failed to bring targeted and focused traffic to website.

Wrong Keywords are not Bad Keywords

Wrong keywords are invaluable keywords for any website, they don’t have any worth for website, whereas bad keywords are those which are not searched or hardly searched by search engine users.

Why Waste Quality Time on Wrong Keywords?

Selecting wrong phrase or keywords is the biggest mistake for any SEO campaign, even if you have achieved top ranking on those wrong keywords, it will be waste of your energy and efforts. All your efforts are going to lead you no where if you have a wrong direction, keywords set directions for your efforts, selecting them in quick time will end up giving you nothing. Time is the real money, keywords can be updated anytime but what to do with the time spent on promoting wrong keywords, it’s just wasted. One can get frustrated if doesn’t have desirable results specially in the initial stage for any website, that’s why it doesn’t matter how much time you spent on selecting keywords but make sure that you select the best keywords.

Why Wrong Keywords are selected?

Majority of wrong keywords have good search counts, because they are comparatively search better than specific keywords, that’s why they get selected sometimes by website owner or by SEOs. But results come up after the first session or quarter when they failed to boast sales or right kind of traffic. It’s not the traffic that makes a wrong phrase or keyword. It’s the conversion that makes it wrong.

Keywords Lead Your Website to Success!

These are the keywords which lead your website a successful eCommerce or eBusiness, they can lead you to hell too, you have to be very careful selecting them, after all you or your assigned marketers are going to put their all efforts to bring your website on top of those keywords. The important thing is that you should know how keywords work and the best way to do that is with a keyword selector tool.

Focused and Specific Keywords will pay you!

Why get crazy of traffic and ask for everything, for example if you provide search engine optimization services then you should select keywords like “SEO services, Search Engine Optimization Services, SEO outsourcing”. And you should avoid selecting keywords like “SEO or Search Engine Optimizer or SEO tips”, because people typing “SEO or Search Engine Optimizer” may be searching for freelance SEO or searching for definition of SEO and won’t be interested in your services, they will come to your website and go without making any purchase.

Hopefully you will like this article same as our previous posts. We always give respect to our reputable readers by providing the latest and informative knowledge. Again if you need any assistance or tips feel free to contact us .We always appreciate your advises and comments.
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