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Monday, May 19, 2014


Add SEO Meta Tags Title and Description in Blogger

Meta tag is a points intended for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The actual <meta> label delivers metadata concerning the HTML document. Meta tag will never be displayed for the page, yet will likely be machine parsable. Meta tag are typically helpful to describe page description, keyword, Author of the content, last modified, and other metadata. The actual metadata works extremely well by means of browser (how to display content material or reload page), google (keywords), or various other web services. Search engines crawlers examine meta tag words of blog or website and allow these tag words (title, keyword and also description) data in order to yahoo, google search, based on these tag words your blog can be confirmed within search results websites (SERP's).

Meta Tag are Important and the helpful for our blog's SEO.

Put SEO Meta Tags in Blogger Template

Learn how to put Meta Tags in blogger template for better ranking in search engine results with easy steps.

Step 1.

Login to Blogger >> Go to Dashboard >> Template >> Edit Html

Step 2.

Find the following code [Tip: Ctrl+F]


This will be mostly on the main page of the template coding.

Step 3.
After/under this line paste the following code.

 <meta content='Your Blog Description' name='description'/>
 <meta content='Keyword1,Keyword2,Keyword3' name='keywords'/>
 <meta content='Author Name' name='Author'/>
 <meta content='Author Email Address' name='Email'/>
 <meta content='all' name='robots'/>
 <meta content='index, follow' name='robots'/>
 <meta content='Language Name' name='language'/>
 <meta content='Country Name' name='country'/>
 <meta content='blogger' name='generator'/>
Step 4.

Change red color bolded text according to your choice.

Note:  write keywords in separate commas  i.e., write comma after every word.

Step 5.

Now save your template and you are done, your blog is optimized for SEO and Google will show your site/blog in search results.
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Instant Approval Free Directory Submission list in 2014

Today, I am posting about directory submission list which give you approval of your submitted site and you will get a free backlink in a few minutes.

Here is a list of Instant Approval Free Directory Sites 2014, Instant Approval Free Directory Sites List, New Instant Approval Free Directory Sites, New Instant Approval Free Directory Sites List.

Just Post your website and get backlink that's way you get great position in search engine result.

If i got more directories i will updated it if you have any suggestion please leave a comment below i am glad to see your comments here. :)

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

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2014 SEO Methods for Your blog Through Social media

For some times, there has been a agrument in SEO, along with the discussion is actually SEO is actually Dead, My spouse and i don’t think that is valid. My personal examine this specific discussion is actually Social media marketing offers significantly disturbed just how we all talk about and articles, it can be hasn't used the full manage regarding how we search for sites and a few articles on Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

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Search engines carry Social networking as being a device connected with indexing articles throughout the web and that is amongst the the reason why every business should have some sort of profile on the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Went through as i expose this 2014 SEO methods for Your website via social media that is how social networking can assist raise your own SEO.

Boost Your Link (Link Building)

Link Constructing is among the problems that will Search Engines like google considers, that inspections when various other sites over the world wide web considers your blog because quality method to obtain info.

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Boost Your Authority

With the improvement associated with Google+, Google’s have grown to be a lot more incorporated with the functions with regard to rising social networking. Search engines gives the chance to url way up a author’s at ease with their Google+ profile to ensure their bill as well as biography usually are linked to the information with search engine. When a Content material can be shared, the web link towards the publish needs to be shared as well as linked to the author’s Google+ profile.

Speed Content Indexation

While previous talked about lightly within the Web page link Making, written content shared all over social media is actually consideration by search engines just as one indication associated with quality written content that you should ranked accordingly. The higher your links associated with web pages aimed at your site, your more rapidly search engines like Google index your articles within standing.

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Increase Social Connections and Followers

With all the help as well as information about Link Making as well as Content material Indexation, your site by now got a top as well as better list on Search Engines like Google.
As soon as your site is usually placed the ones press to view this article of this web site and they notice is usually entice as well as exciting, they may plan to similar to the Facebook Fan Web site as well as Follow you on tweets to help them to have more replace through you just given it is usually placed substantial and contains high quality articles.

if you prefer above all tips in your blog/site you get higher ranking in search engine quickly if you need more information please leave a comment below i am glad to see you comment here Happy Blogging. :)
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Monday, April 7, 2014

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How To Get Quality Links To Your Website

In this post I am going to tell about tips on how to acquire Quality Backlinks at your website that are connected with top quality and as well along with Google's conditions. What i'm saying is inbound links aimed at your website. Mr. The search engines generally wish an outstanding and normal backlink via other website yet if you are using wrong strategy to acquire website link your website absolutely disciplined with seek result.

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With current time me and a lot of many people tend to be making backlinks by wanting to know good friends to swap backlinks to you. and you will receive a back link out of your good friends website.

yet during those times you will get this particular normal website link by numerous ways and boost your own search engine optimization. With down below currently a few of the doable approach to acquire normal website link aimed at your website.


Article distribution can be a popular way to create backlinks - however perform content syndication just high quality content syndication sites. A number of these sites in world-wide-web are usually poor quality. consequently See a very best content sites within your niche and also produce high quality articles or blog posts.

When you produce a write-up and also release in of which content syndication website bear in mind to provide a reference box by the end of which backlinks here we are at a page in of which content syndication website. Search engines like google abide by these kinds of back links and also allow you to boost ones rank in the google search.


Youtube is also a good website and acquire organic backlinks. Produce video clip in addition to Publish it to be able to Youtube website link again aimed at your site in this video clip description. It is the best way to acquire excellent links because Youtube is a no. 1 video clip internet hosting websites.


Another method to obtain a quality backlink can be a forum signature. Right now take care whilst becoming a member of the actual Forum. Go with a forum that's specifically related to your site or website. Check out Excessive HIGH PR FORUM  website number becoming a member of in debate and put ones signature right now there. Ensure that you perform get involved with the Forum and giving constantly helpful advice there.

Anchor Text

The written text that you just work with to be able to link returning aimed at your site is important. If you are using identical key phrase upon just about every anchor text message of course your link shows as a junk website. The main thing should be to combine in place your keyword/phrases you are use in your anchor text message.

Instant Targeted visitors

Making use of these types of site to get links back to their website and give us instant traffic from that particular sites. Website visitors reading your posts, seeing your movies as well as reading your Forum threads.
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High PR DoFollow Forums List- Increase Backlink

DoFollow Community forums always enable you to enhance backlink of your site. Dofollow tag always raise your internet site position as well as enhance ones Google PR.

High PR DoFollow Forums List- Increase Backlink

The following I am posted a high PR DoFollow Forum web site Checklist 2014. Just sign up which web site as well as include your website link to be a signature and turn into productive in which forum thus you will get much more quantity of customer as well as one way link for the blog site or maybe web site.

I know end up being active about most previously mentioned Forum are trial but try and develop at the very least 3-4 chat about each and every Forum and also include your own signature.. that's the idea.. you may be given enormous targeted traffic along with your website will really placed well looking effect..

Find out any greatest DoFollow Forums Checklist tell us by leave a comment below.
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Monday, December 2, 2013

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How To Add SEO Friendly Blog Post Title

How To Add SEO Friendly Blog Post Title

Today i am going to share to share how to add a search engine friendly blogger blog post title and blog title. Default blog title and post title are not SEO friendly. The Page title is the most important element in your blog in terms of higher ranking in search results. Here is one example blog post title first and after blog title.

How To Add SEO Friendly Blog Post Title

Google only displays 70 characters on Google search results and in case of Yahoo display bit more.So your blog posts will not display or you will not get as much rank in Search Results.

Follow These Steps:

  • Goto blogger dashboard
  • Template >> Edti Html
  • Now find this code
Replace the above code with the following below code.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> - Info Blog Maz</title>

Replace the red blog text with your own blog title
Now save the template you have done if you need any help please leave a comment below stay tuned.

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

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Top 10 Tips To Get Easily Huge Traffic


Topic selection is one of the most important factor affecting good traffic. Blogs with less popular and boring topics will lead to low traffic. Such blogs will not be likely to readers. So it is an important factor. You should choose a topic with wide popularity. You should have deep knowledge in that topic.


Increase number of relevant and related posts. This should be very informative and presented in an interesting way that readers get stick to it. This make readers to make your blog book marked and visit multiple times. This creates a huge range of returning visitors and your blog will be rated better and better.


It is very important part of a blog. Blogs which looks less attractive will also lead to low traffic.  So it should have an attractive design and layout. The blog should contain a nice layout, easy to navigate interface, avoiding unwanted materials............. should be done with proper care.


The way you present your idea is also important. It should be very easy to understand for visitors. Does not require Advanced Language. But it should be in moderate language. It should not contain plenty of spelling and grammatical mistakes. You should present the topic in such a way that readers get attracted and stick to it.


Socialization is also an important part of it. We should integrate social websites like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE+, LINKEDIN, ............ Social websites have a remarkable role in generating good traffic. In the beginning onwards I have noticed that a major portion of my blog’s traffic were created by them.


You should post sharable contents. When you post interesting, relevant, informative, popular contents,....... it make readers to share your posts in social websites and this will lead to huge traffic generation. They will leave a comment, likes your posts, and share your posts.


You should include an email subscription link in you blog for your blog readers to get notified on updates of your blog. Comments, new posts, ..... will be notified. Notifications will be send to their mail id and they clicks through this links and get in to your blog and thus increase your blog’s traffic substantially.


Sub your blog to several blog directories available now. This creates a portion of visitors to your blog. You can submit your blog to free referring  sites to get some traffic. But this methods require your blog to be highly informative and useful.


Commenting and creating Back links on other websites and blogs can also bring some traffic to your blog. Concentrate on commenting and creating back links on blogs and websites with huge traffic.


It is the most important method to create huge traffic. You can advertise in other good traffic websites or advertisers websites in order to get traffic to your blog. This method can create huge chances of traffic. But this method also costs huge when above methods does not cost much.
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

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Optimize Your Blogger Blog without Any SEO Plugin or Widget

Optimize Your Blogger Blog without Any SEO Plugin or Widget

What is an SEO Plugin?

Some of you might need to know what SEO plugins are. SEO plugins help users a lot to optimize their blogs for search engines. They enable a user to set up meta description for posts and pages, rewrite title and customize permalink setup.

Wordpress blogs have these SEO plugins which help write better content, do page analysis, Technical SEO, control meta & link elements, XML sitemaps functionality,  RSS optimization, edit your .htaccess and robots.txt file, social integration, multi-site compatible, import & export functionality, news SEO.

Seems great, isn’t it? Yes, of course because all these play a vital role in a blog’s SEO.

But what if you have a Blogger blog and ask me “Is there any SEO plugin for blogger?” and I reply you with a big No. You are distressed and dejected. But not! You needn’t be dismal and overridden by gloom as I am going to give you some canny tips and tricks on how to boost search engine optimization for your Blogger blog without any SEO plugins or widgets.

Optimizing Blogger Blog Well for Search Engines without any SEO Plugin

By default Blogger blogs are not well optimized for search engines. However, following four SEO tips and tricks for your blogger blog’s optimization will do what SEO plugins do for WordPress blogs.

1. Enable Meta Description

A new blog on Blogger has, by default, its meta description setting turned off. To enable it for posts and pages you need to turn this feature on from your blog’s dashboard. When you enable the meta description, you will see a box in the post editor of your Blogger blog which allows you to set meta description for all your posts. To enable meta description, proceed as below:
  • Login to Blogger dashboard.
  • Select your blog.
  • In your blog's dashboard, go down to Settings, then select Search Preferences and then Edit the description.
  • When you click on Edit link in front of Description, you will see that Enable search description option is set to No. Change it by selecting Yes to enable meta description.
  • A box will appear in which you can write default description for your blog.
  • Now save the changes you have made and your blog’s meta description has been enabled.

Now after your blogger blog’s meta description is enabled for posts, you can write meta description for all your blog posts in editor while composing the posts.

2. Optimize Your Blogger Blog for Search Engines

Now let’s move to second important step for optimization of your blogger blog for search engines. This tip is about modifying the title of your posts and pages for search engines. This is very vital for SEO of your blog. 

Again in Blogger blog, by default, blog title or name is displayed before post titles which harms SEO efforts for a blog. Follow the step below and remove your blog title from post titles. This will certainly enhance your blog's SEO to a great extent by getting rid of unnecessary and repeated keywords of your blog title from your posts. 

Download a backup of your blog's template and edit its HTML. It provides you with a chance to restore your template if there is something wrong with editing.

Look for <title> in your template code by pressing Ctrl+F and replace 
with the below code.  
<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>

You have done it and now Save your template.

This makes your blog title appear only for homepage and all your posts will show their own title without showing your blog’s title again with post titles.

3. Set Custom Permalink for Each Post 

While composing your posts, you must always set the custom permalink for your posts. Don’t leave them for auto-generated permalink. While you are composing posts you can set permalink for your posts and pages from sidebar of the editor. Follow the tip below in this regard:

  • Write your main keywords to set the permalink.
  • Just write important keywords and try to make it short. Keywords in URLs make a great difference.
  • If, by mistake, you publish your post without setting the permalink then edit it quickly before it gets indexed. Revert it to draft, set permalink and then publish it again.

4. Using Keywords in Meta Description

Use keywords in meta description and write a unique and excellent meta description with keywords for your posts. Using keywords in your meta description makes it tempting for visitors and they are likely to click on it in search results.

Hope you learn from this tutorial. Following these four great tips you have optimized your Blogger blog well for search engines without any SEO plugins. 

If you need any further information please leave a comment below your reply will highly appreciate.

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