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Top 14 SEO Tricks Except Backlinks

Top 14 SEO Tricks Except Backlinks

If you are webmaster i am sure you already heard about Google search engine updates. Google was changing there search engine strategies time to time. recently they came with two updates call panda update and penguin update. with this two update some site ranks was dropped very badly. Google changed there strategies but there is some old school methods which still use.  but you have to remember on thing for all of bellow tricks you need a good article content. We all know which place backlink has in the SEO. i have posted several backlink articles so we do not going to talk about backlinks here.

Top 14 SEO Tricks

01 Add Meta description to home, pages and articles.

Normally some websites have only one description for whole site and only one keyword prase as well. but i suggest you to use different discriptions and related keywords to each and every pages, articles.

02 Add Image description and alt tag

Whenever upload an image do not forget to add alt tag and small description. but remember one thing alt tag and description should be related to article content.

 03 XML Sitemap

This is simple thing normally we all already do. just create a XML Sitemap and submit it to search engine webmaster tools so they can easily index your pages.

04 Add your website to Webmaster Tools.

You can add your website to Google webmaster tools, Bing Webmaster Tools,Yahoo Analytic, Alexa and other impotent places.

05 Use Permalinks

Change your permalinks to simple and understandable because they are very SEO friendly.

06 Google+ Page

Create a Google plus page to your website. social media sites normally do not give any dofollow backlinks but Google plus have very high place in Google search engine. even they show how many followers website has on search results.

07 Remove broken links

Google hates broken links use some broken link checker application and remover all broken links in your website.

08 Optimize website loading speed

Google is already put eye on this matter now. you can re-size images before uploading. images are the main content that increase load time. and get faster hosting provider and use cache.

09 Avoid spams

Use some plugin for avoid comment spam. moderate your comments and do not let spammers to flush your site :P

10 Use social share buttons

Add social share buttons to yours site. so readers can just one click share it in to the social media. Google and bing love social shares.

11 Add your Categories to XML Sitemap

You should add categories to XML Sitemap so Google can easily index your categories as well.

12 Do not index tags

Do not add tags to XML Sitemap. if you did remove it as soon as possible and do not use more than 4 tags per post.

13 Use no-follow links

For external links use nofollow attribute or Google crawlers will just ignore your website.

14 Use headers

Use h1,h1 and h3 html header tags for your article. header tags got a good place in SEO.

Enjoy SEO :)


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