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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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Text Features in Photoshop Beginners tutorial

In this tutorial we are going to train you not only how to add vertical and horizontal text with the type tools, but how to warp the text. We will be discussing spell checking and other features such as typing on a path using the Pen tool. By the time you are done with this training, you will understand these areas, plus more. Text is fun, so let’s have fun with this tutorial and learn the basics of the Type tool. Sit back and enjoy this tutorial.
Currently we are using Windows XP and the Photoshop CS4 Extended version.

Knowledge You Need to Know:

If you are unfamiliar with certain areas that are not covered in this tutorial, feel free to visit us at: http:/ We have many different types of tutorials that will train you for free! Once you have the knowledge, feel free to come back and go through this tutorial again.

Preparing The Canvas:

Create a new canvas of 800 X 800 (pixels) and set the background to White. Once created, change your foreground color to anything you would like.
Horizontal Type Tool:
You will find the Horizontal Type Tool in the toolbox and it will show a letter “T” as a symbol. If you have a 2 column toolbox, then it will be located directly above the drawing tools (discussed in a previous tutorial). Right click on the “T” to display the Type Tool sub-menu. Left Click on the Horizontal Type Tool (this will type text from left to right). Photoshop Tip – You can also open the sub-menu by holding down the Left mouse button over the Tool.

You will notice these important options for the Horizontal Type Tool will be displayed.
A). Left Click on the canvas to type.
B). Under the “Image” menu, Left Click this drop-down menu to select a different font.
C). Under the “3D” menu, Left Click this box to change the font size or enter a value.
D). Under the “Help” menu, Left Click how you want the text to be format, such as left justified, center, or right justified.
E). Left Click the color to change the text color.
F). The circle with a line through it is the “Cancel” button.
G). Left Click the check box to commit (finish).
Photoshop Tip – If you want to edit the text, then make sure you have the Horizontal type tool selected and Left Click on the text. You will notice Photoshop will then allow you to edit the text and the options. To highlight all or partial of the text, use the Horizontal Type Tool and single Left Click the first letter that you want to edit. Now hold down the Left mouse button and drag it to the right side. When you are finished, release the Left mouse button.

Warping Text:
You can warp text, which is very similar to the Warp Tool in the Transform Path screen (see transforming objects tutorial).
A). Left Click this button (to the right of the color box) to display the Warp Text options. The button has a letter “T” with a double arrow that is curved down.
B). Left Click the “Style” drop-down box and Left Click on a preset. As you change the styles, you will see the text change. On this example, select “Arc” preset style.
C). When you are finished, Left Click the “OK” button.

The example below is the “Arc” preset. Please note in later tutorials we will show how you can bevel or add a drop shadow or even add a texture. Today we just want to cover the basics of this tool.

Vertical Type Tool
The Vertical Type Tool allows you to type text up and down versus the Horizontal Type Tool which allows you to add text left to right.
A). Right click the “T” and Left Click the “Vertical Type Tool”.
B). Left Click on the canvas to begin typing.
The rest of the options are the same as the Horizontal Type Tool (Please read that section for more details).
Photoshop Tip – The keyboard shortcut to go to the active Type Tool is the letter “T”.

Check Spelling:
Photoshop comes with a spell checker. After you type your text, Left Click on the “Edit” menu and Left Click on the “Check Spelling” command.

You will notice the “Check Spelling” will highlight the incorrect word.
A). It will suggest the top recommendation of the spelling of the word. You can change the word by Left clicking any of the “Suggestions”.
B). If you have multiple layers then make sure the “Check All Layers” is selected (by default, this is automatically selected).
C). When you are done with spell checking, Left Click the “Done” button.
D). Either “Ignore” or “Ignore All” will bypass the incorrect spelling.
E). Either “Change” or “Change All” will change the incorrect spelling to the one listed in the “Change To” (A) field.
F). If you feel the word is spelled correctly, Left Click the “Add” button to add it to the dictionary.

Adding Text To A Path:
Photoshop gives you the functionality to type on a path. What is a path? Think of it as a path in the woods. The path might not be straight, but if you walk the path it will get you to the end. We are going to draw the path with the Pen Tool.
For this example, create a new 800 X 800 with a white background. The Pen tool can be a bit confusing, so we will take the next few steps slowly. In the future, we will be creating a tutorial strictly about the Pen Tool. Right click the Pen Toolbox (located in a 2 column toolbox, 4 up from the hand on the left side). Left Click the “Pen Tool”.

We need to turn on the Paths option. Once you selected the “Pen” tool, Left Click the Paths option, which is located under the “Edit” menu. The button actually shows a picture of a pen with a box around it.

On this example we would like you to move the “Pen” tool towards the left hand side of the canvas and single Left Click. You will notice it creates a “Point”.

On this example, move to the right hand side (A) and when you Left Click on this spot, hold down the Left mouse button. Now drag the mouse down to the bottom right (B) and release the Left mouse button.

Congratulation, you have just drawn a path. There are many intermediate or advanced users that have never used the “Pen” tool. Now select the “Horizontal Type” Tool and move your mouse cursor to the “Path” Line. You will see the cursor change. When you Left Click, it will put an “X” for the starting point. Now type your characters and use the “Cancel” or “Commit” button to finish the path.

Congratulations, you have just finished the tutorial on the Type tools, plus you have used the Pen tool to create a path. 

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

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Create Ghost Rider photo in Photoshop tutorial

After my previous articles in Photoshop Tutorial category how to Create a Crest Logo in Photoshop Tutorial today i am going to share how to create a Ghost Rider photo in Photoshop.

Let's see the tutorial:


 Open the main photo which we are going to ghost rider it.


Remove the head of the man using “Clone Stamp Tool (S)”.


Remove hands too..


Select skull using “polygonal Lasso Tool (L)”


Delete the unwanted area and resize to place it over the shoulders like this…..

Working with fire:


Here we choose the following fire image.


Select fire image layer and double click it to open  “Layer Style” and set properties like this…

You get result like this….


Erase the following unwanted parts.


Once again double click the layer to open up the “Layer style”.

Press “Alt” and click one (right)side of the triangle and drage it to split it.

This is to set  blending range in the following way.

You get result like this……


Resize the fire and place it behind the skull like this….


Erase the skull with minimum opacity to blend it into the fire.

Adding fire reflection over shoulders:


Select  brush with orange color  (#FFB801)

Brush(opacity 10%) the shoulders  in new layer with “Pin Light” blending mode.


Similarly add fire and reflection to the hands.

Adding chain:


For chain lets take the following image.

Extract the chain from the image using “Polygonal lasso tool (L)”

Duplicate it and stitch it to increase its length.

Add it to the man in the following way.

Duplicate the chain and liquify(filter>>liquify) it in the following way.


Add drop shadow to the chains with following properties


Liquify the dress of the man to give the effect of chains weight over the dress.


Finally,  create a new layer(top most layer) and fill it with blue color (#205D90), set blending mode to “Soft Light” to get result like this….

You have done. I hope you enjoy this tutorial for more Photoshop tutorial please keep visiting thanks.
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Create Crest Logo Tutorial in Photoshop

Let’s see, how to create.

You may also see my this article : How to Create Crest Logo Tutorial in Photoshop
[1]-First of all Open New Document of Custom size, Height & Width 500×500 pixels, Resolution 72 & Mode RGB Color.

[2]-Now Open New Layer & then create the following shape with the help of ‘Pen Tool’ & press right click > make selection.

[3]-Now fill the #’dee4f2′ color in selection area.

[4]-Now select the& create the following setting a new layer.

[5]-Now create the selection at new layer & fill with #’36404a’color.

[6]-Now go to Blending Options,& use the following settings
Photoshop Technique-How to use the Blending Options feature.

[7]-Now create the selection at new layer & fill with #’36404a’color.

[8]-Now take the ‘Brush Tool’ create the shading as shown above step [4].
[9]-Now go to Blending Options,select Drop Shadow,Stroke & use the following settings
Photoshop Technique-How to use the Drop Shadow & Stroke feature.

[10]-Now create the selection at new layer & fill with #’36404a’color.

[11]-Now go to Blending Options,select Bevel & Emboss,Contour & use the following settings
Photoshop Technique-How to use the Bevel & Emboss,Contour feature.

[12]-Now your image should look like as shown below.

[13]-Now go to the Blending Option & give the following setting of Drop Shadow.

[14]-Now see below for Final Photoshop Output.I hope this is a good tutorial & U can use these Photoshop Techniques in your Graphics
Design project.
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