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Monday, November 4, 2013

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Select Right Keyword For Blog & Websites

Select Right Keyword For Blog & Websites

What is a Phrase or Keyword?

A phrase or keyword is a single or group of words which is used to create a search statement to find information by search engine like Google users. It was understood during the early days of search engine development, as it was not possible to ask natural language questions and find the desired sites.

Keywords are Gateway of Your eBusiness!

Keywords are the gateway for any website on internet, and with wrong keywords you cannot be successful. It really doesn’t matter how good your SEO Practices are? Or how good your SEO Strategy is? If you are failed to get right kind of traffic at your website. There are a lot of tools for keyword research. Some are free and some paid. But I prefer Keyword Adwords Tool.

Wrong Phrase or Keyword

There can be many definitions of wrong keywords, such as a wrong keyword or phrase is a keyword or phrase which is irrelevant with products or services of website. Which has poor conversion of visitors into paying customers, and which is failed to bring targeted and focused traffic to website.

Wrong Keywords are not Bad Keywords

Wrong keywords are invaluable keywords for any website, they don’t have any worth for website, whereas bad keywords are those which are not searched or hardly searched by search engine users.

Why Waste Quality Time on Wrong Keywords?

Selecting wrong phrase or keywords is the biggest mistake for any SEO campaign, even if you have achieved top ranking on those wrong keywords, it will be waste of your energy and efforts. All your efforts are going to lead you no where if you have a wrong direction, keywords set directions for your efforts, selecting them in quick time will end up giving you nothing. Time is the real money, keywords can be updated anytime but what to do with the time spent on promoting wrong keywords, it’s just wasted. One can get frustrated if doesn’t have desirable results specially in the initial stage for any website, that’s why it doesn’t matter how much time you spent on selecting keywords but make sure that you select the best keywords.

Why Wrong Keywords are selected?

Majority of wrong keywords have good search counts, because they are comparatively search better than specific keywords, that’s why they get selected sometimes by website owner or by SEOs. But results come up after the first session or quarter when they failed to boast sales or right kind of traffic. It’s not the traffic that makes a wrong phrase or keyword. It’s the conversion that makes it wrong.

Keywords Lead Your Website to Success!

These are the keywords which lead your website a successful eCommerce or eBusiness, they can lead you to hell too, you have to be very careful selecting them, after all you or your assigned marketers are going to put their all efforts to bring your website on top of those keywords. The important thing is that you should know how keywords work and the best way to do that is with a keyword selector tool.

Focused and Specific Keywords will pay you!

Why get crazy of traffic and ask for everything, for example if you provide search engine optimization services then you should select keywords like “SEO services, Search Engine Optimization Services, SEO outsourcing”. And you should avoid selecting keywords like “SEO or Search Engine Optimizer or SEO tips”, because people typing “SEO or Search Engine Optimizer” may be searching for freelance SEO or searching for definition of SEO and won’t be interested in your services, they will come to your website and go without making any purchase.

Hopefully you will like this article same as our previous posts. We always give respect to our reputable readers by providing the latest and informative knowledge. Again if you need any assistance or tips feel free to contact us .We always appreciate your advises and comments.
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