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6 Easy Tips For Search Engine Optimization

6 Easy Tips For Search Engine Optimization
SEO itself is not a complicated process as is considered by many, but it requires some research and little time spending for rightly directed SEO efforts. You also need a bit of common sense to apply those SEO tips and tricks which you have learnt through your research for optimum results.

This tutorial is intended at teaching you six very easy tips on how to get the maximum results from your efforts to boost your blog’s SEO. I hope if you are going to follow these simple but effective tips properly you would surely enhance your blog’s ranking in search engines.  

Jot down a list of Keywords and Key phrases:

The competition is so high that using single popular word as keyword or using very popular key phrases for optimization will be a futile effort. It is because that websites with low search engine rankings or having small age on web will be found nowhere near in the search results.

In this situation you need to compile a list of keywords and phrases by targeting the most commonly and frequently used keywords on your blog page or website. Using phrases and combinations of keywords is also vital as most searchers use a phrase or a group of words for their intended search instead of using just a single word. Using a correct and targeted parlance is a great gimmick in SEO of your blog or website.

Edit Tags in your Blog Using Targeted Keywords:

Using the keywords from your list of keywords, your first step forward should be to amend your tile tag, meta description tag and meta keyword tag.  You have to limit yourself to specific number of characters in each tag for better and optimum search results. For example the title tag should contain maximum 14 to 16 characters. The description meta tag should contain no more than 160 characters and keyword meta tag should contain a maximum of 220 characters. Inserting keywords into your webpage is also helpful for higher search engine ranking.

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Don’t use the words: the, and, are is, am, do, does, being, did, a, an, and prepositions as key words or in key phrases. This really affects ranking of your blog or site. Removal of such words also allows you using more blog/site specific keywords within prescribed characters’ limit.

Use of Anchor Text Links:

Use anchor text links for keywords related to your blog’s topic on the top and at the bottom of your page. This is because search engines start reading a page from its header and end reading at the footer. This helps optimization of your blog/ website in search engines. You can use four to six anchor text links for each keyword according to the size of your page.

Correct Placement of Keywords: 

Keyword placement is very essential and plays a vital role in raising the ranking of your blog or website in search engines. SEO experts say that keywords should be placed in both the first and the last 50 words on the page. Anchor text links help you placing the key words in the header and footer of your blog page.  Now place the keywords and phrases in the left side of your page, then in the center and lastly in the right side of the page.

Remember that search engines read the header of the page first, then they start reading from the top left going down the left side till the end , then the center of the page is read from the top to the bottom and then they read the right side from top and go down till the end.  Lastly they read the footer of the web page.

Avoid Keyword stuffing:

Though you have to add keywords to all portions as mentioned yet you should neither repeat keywords nor do stuff images with keywords. Use anchor text instead of images. Keyword stuffing and repetition is taken as spamming by the search engines and is considered as black hat SEO technique. It harms your blog’s/ site’s ranking.

Use of Backlinks:

Backlinks is another important factor that is helpful in increasing your search engine rankings. Link building is an excellent way to increase your blog’s/ site’s popularity. Reciprocal linking is more effective than one-way linking. However one-way links are also useful as they don’t require linkback and link pages to setup. Excellent quality one-way links can be built by article and directory submission. To gain high rankings on the search engines quality matters and not quantity. So try building quality backlinks no matter they are less in quantity.

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