Monday, November 4, 2013


What is a Blog? And how it came to Existence

Goodbye journals and hello blogging it has been a common trend now a days to design a blog and express ones feeling through blogs. Very few people are familiar with a blog and how did it come from. The blog is actually coined from the word “weblog” which was shortened to blog. A blog can be examples for the users to achieve their views and comments. The word “blog” can also be referred to add and maintain entries contents to a blog site.

The blog may have many users but it only requires one thing for a certain entry or website to quality as a blog. It means it should be shared, maintained, and used through the internet. Otherwise it should not be a blog. Users can write similar contents with blogs and save it in their computers. But it should be saved as a document or a file and not a blog unless the content will be published online. Till then the content or the site can be considered as a blog.

The thought of making a blog came in the late 80s when some people learned that how to send contents through a certain network. At that time the use of internet was not so popular and familiar, so the blogging of that time was never on the news. It was only in the late 90s when the word “weblog” was used and the word blog came into being.

As the demand increased for the blog sites then, some groups decided to create blog hosting sites. This venture is owed for the boost of blogging market that people having today. Blogging is a great blessing for the people which have become very essential and important source of communication for sharing one’s ideas and feeling with near and dear ones.

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