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7 Tips For Higher Ranking For Blog and Websites

7 Tips For Higher Ranking For Blog and Websites
In continuation to our efforts to aware a blogger or a website owner of the importance and vitality of the SEO to raise the ranking of a blog or a website, this is another stunning article containing a few more SEO tips in this regard.

The importance of SEO is ever expanding and you can maximize your web marketing initiatives by following the strategies mentioned here. It is not so as believed by some that the top ranking sites and blogs spend lot of money to stay there. In fact the websites or blogs that rank higher and earn the triumph stick to some basic techniques of online search engine optimization. These techniques are simple to follow as given here:

1. Submit your website by yourself manually to Google. If you wait Google will itself spider your website and show up it in search results. However it is a slower action and for faster and better results browse through Google by yourself to submit your website or blog.

2. Register your site with DMOZ, known as Open Directory Job. The Open Directory Job is the largest human edited directory of the web. It will boost the ranking of your website or blog as it is managed by a huge number of amateur editors.

3. Link building is another useful SEO tip which most website and blog owners overlook either in ignorance or by giving it least importance. But be engaged in it from now on. If you have the links to your site which have a higher Google Web Page Ranking then it will increase importance of your website or blog in the online search engines. A great and effective way to do it is submission of articles to other sites and blogs.

4. Powerful web pages are easy to crawl by online search engines. It is very important that all online search engines easily negotiate through your website. For the said purpose make use of HTML coding. 

5. Get listing with Yahoo Directory Submit. Likewise Google, Yahoo provides various search items. For a fee Yahoo will feature your website in their directory site that gives you an exposure to sites like Yahoo, MSN and Alta Vista etc. 

6. The great SEO tip is to use less common keywords and phrases. This will enhance your possibility for online search engines to identify and show up your website or blog for unique keywords and phrases.

7. Last but not least be patient. While following these tips allow search engines to re-index your website. Nonetheless, it does take some time to raise your website or blog to a higher rank yet you will get a better optimization using these initiatives.

I hope this article will certainly benefit you in implementing SEO techniques for achieving good results. Do it and see your website or blog on top positions in search engines.



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