Monday, November 4, 2013

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How to Attract Google Targeted Traffic

Preparing a website or blog and hoisting it on net is one thing but attracting targeted traffic to it means something else which really needs to be understood with clarity and then methods to achieve that be executed in a professional manner. By targeted traffic we really mean visitors that are genuine and unique and would direct other potential visitors to your blog or website as well.

How to Attract Google Targeted Traffic

We provide you here with some nice tips and tricks to increase Google targeted traffic to you website.

Keywords and Phrases

As a blogger you may well be aware of the fact that how important Keywords and Phrases are to attract visitors and promote your business effectively. However, without a proper search and investigation of Keywords and Phrases several online marketers fail to achieve their required target and some even fall flat at the end of the day.

The main purpose of your keywords and phrases investigation should be to find a keyword or phrase with fairly low competition and leverage off that. Google’s keyword too provides you with the primary essentials of your blog. However, by using a “pay-for” tool like Industry Samurai or WordTracker will provide you the genuine information for functioning. This is really important to know the best about targeted traffic to you website or blog.

Google Targeted Traffic Means Genuine Visitors

People like to see what they want to. Thus, the targeted traffic means to attract the genuine visitors to your websites. If they don’t like what you are presenting to them they will just close your website and move to others. This will really harm your efforts as they won’t share your site with their friend as well or join you on Facebook etc. So, it doesn’t only mean losing your current visitors but the potential ones as well. So your content should be astounding, mesmeric and charming to win the visitors.

The statistics showing Google targeted traffic are actual people who are visiting your website. So, realizing this fact is important to attract and retain the majority of the visitors. But if there is nothing amazing and captivating in your website or material beneficial to your visitors nobody will be willing to search for it anymore. 

Create Google Targeted traffic with Fantastic Content

Use the titles that people want to read and use your keyword in the beginning of the title. Be prudent to write the titles that attract the visitors most. An effective title is “How to”. “Tips” and “Tricks” are also very effective. Every day hundreds of thousands of people write these keywords to search for what they are looking for. There is a lot of free information about how to write successful titles on the internet. See how it performs. 

Be aware that even if you write a most amazing and delightful post but with a lousy title nobody is going to be enticed into reading it. 

Break the Content into Digestible Chunks

Make your content interesting by using brief sentences and short paragraphs. Content should be broken down into easily readable chunks because a common visitor gets tired and bored by reading lengthy and a heavy content. 

Add videos to your Internet site

You need to add videos to your internet sites, YouTube and your Facebook page. Fascinating and attractive videos are subject to attract a lot of Google targeted traffic.

Writing Guests Posts for other blog owners

A plenty of traffic could be attracted by writing Guest Posts for other Blog owners. This will enable you have an access to the targeted traffic of those blogs because you are writing a free article for them. It is like you scratch my back and I do yours or on a give and take basis. It’s a win-win game. 

Participate on Blogs and Forums

You must participate on Blogs and Forums because it will allow you to leave a backlink for your website. Participating on other people's blogs within a similar niche for your own, helps you build a good reputation and draw the visitors of that site to your own internet site. Don’t hesitate doing it as most blogs and forums will permit you leaving a backlink for your website or blog.

Backlinks for Google Traffic

To attract the Google targeted traffic to your website you must post your website to various productive channels. Do it as much as you could. Write articles and submit them to article directories to obtain important backlinks there. Creating Google visitors benefits you with developing as many backlinks as you'll be able to.


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