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Guest Posting on Info Blog Maz

Hi friends! You are most welcome to write guest post for Tonyisright.blogspot.com

It is our utmost pleasure to receive and publish your post on Tonyisright.blogspot.com . Here are a few guidelines for you to write us guest posts which will certainly help you with your writing as well as help us get your post ready for publishing on Tonyisright.blogspot.com.

Now before sending any guest posts please try to abide by the rules and regulations expatiated below.

  • All guest posts should be purposeful and to the interest of this blog’s audience.
  • Your post must be of at least 500 words or more. Though smaller posts may also be accepted yet the quality bar is higher for the posts of reasonable size.
  • Write short paragraphs and you may also highlight key phrases or words. You would see how easy it is to scan the content. It satisfies the reader by enabling him saving time.
  • Standard English Grammar rules must be fulfilled. All guest posts must be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.
  • Old Blogger tutorials and technology news will not be accepted.
  • Guest posts already published elsewhere online will not be published at Tonyisright.blogspot.com.
  • Any pictures in the article should preferably be in jpg, gif, or png format.
  • The content or pictures must not violate or contravene copyrights. Any duplicated article or choppy paragraphed article will be trashed. All posts are thoroughly scanned by copycat web software. Any copied paragraph, if found, will be considered as violation of copyrights. No future posts will be accepted from the same author and noTonyisright.blogspot.com  resources will be shared with him.
  • Proper credits should be given to the posts. Credit links are separate than the links you will put in Bio, so feel free to give credit where required.
  • Hot-linking to pictures is not allowed.
  • Link builders are not welcomed here. No guest posts may be self-promotional or include marketing links. Affiliate links are not permitted in the post.
  • Authors will be granted a link to their homepages with one line introduction at the end of the Guest post.
  • Topics on the following categories will be accepted: Google Blogger, Web designing (CSS, HTML, JQuery, Javascript), Social Media News, Facebook, Google AdSense Tips, Google Plus, SEO Tips, Affiliate Marketing, Traffic Generation and Blogging on Smart phones.

Now follow the process below to submit the guest post.

  • Send us a mail through Irfankhan2@live.com or contact us via page. If you have decided a topic than mention it along with 2-3 samples of your older guest posts on other blogs.
  • We’ll contact you back with the mail id where you can send your post.
  • You may send your posts in word format.
  • Links may be added to your byline and in the content if they are strictly relevant to the content.
  • You must send it to me for review so that I can review before publishing the post on Tonyisright.blogspot.com .

If you can follow these rules and procedures then you are welcomed to post at Tonyisright.blogspot.com any time and we promise to treat you the best we can. I wish to help you out as much as you assist me with your consistent motivation and feedback. The only thing you need to be a part of this blog is the obedience of these simple instructions of mine.

Note: We will keep all the rights to remove your links from the post, if you don’t reply to comments or engage with the readers of this blog after publishing your posts.


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