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Sunday, June 1, 2014

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What is Google Author Ranking and how it works?

Google has done a lot of things to continue to improve its search results to display relevant results according to what is sought by the user . If my friend to follow the latest developments on Google , then the friend will hear the term Google Author Rank . Although it has not been listened too , I 'm sure my friend has had little idea about what it is Author Rank .

Google is working to develop a ranking system content to get better search results , the system was named Author Rank . Indeed, this system is similar to the Page rank , but there is little fundamental difference . For that let us discuss together here .

What exactly is Author Rank it ?

Buddy know page rank is not ? Google uses many factors into account to rank a page ( page ) . This means that high -quality pages that will rank high in the search results . In the ranking of a page , we can easily calculate incoming links , the quality of the incoming links , traffic , page hits , and other things that determine the ranking of a page . But what about those ( Author ) who writes the content on the page ?

Before the advent of google plus , google does not have a solid way to investigate and find out who the actual owner of a blog / site . google plus with google authorship seems to be the drug of these issues . Since the problems are solved , a google search for a new breakthrough with the rank of the author , as well as their rank a page ( page ) . initial idea of Author Rank .

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Author Rank effectively will affect the search results content buddy . Pal 's reputation as a content creator will affect how well the SERP ( Search Engine Result Page ) of the contents .

How does Author Rank ?

So far , we know that the author rank is a new ranking system . But we must remember this system does not change the algorithm used google today . I still feel at home with the panda and penguin . Here Author Rank only act as a supplement only. Author Rank will provide information to the page rank , this means that the author is high ranking will affect towards a better SERP .

This shows that Google is now doing a slight shift of emphasis towards the individual ranking / author who produces content - good content and quality . How Google measures the level of trust a site was extremely interesting , google seems to love the blog started "going social " ( connected to both the readers on the social network ) . Looks like google believe that blogs are reliable is a blog that author able to interact with the visitors / readers well . Knowing that , we as bloggers should start to going social from now because it will be one of the key ranking google . How good content writing and how good buddy with reader interaction will contribute to the level of Author Rank . For that two things must be considered properly .

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What are the affects Author Rank ?

Once again it should be emphasized here that the Author Rank alone will not give a great effect to the ranking of your blog , Author Rank merely one factor alone . Google takes into account over 200 factors , some were going to affect the Author Rank buddy , while others will affect the ranking of the search results content  .
For that let us study some of the factors that influence the Author Rank :

  • Involvement Google Plus - How many circles ( circles ) on google plus author shows how popular the author . For the start of putting the "add to circle " on your blog , I also plan to put it shortly. Please prayer .. hehe : D
  • How many hits we get to share the content - How much +1 , like , tweet , either pin it on google , facebook , twitter , pinterest Author Rank affect us . For that let us plug also social media sharing buttons on your blog :) .
  • Site / Blog another in which the author contributed - Total other sites where the author contributed , the integrity of the author , and the average page rank of these sites was also highly influential .
  • Total Posts in Google Plus and other social media
  • The author's connection with another author on google plus - As a quality backlink will provide a high page rank for a page , as well as the Author Rank . Connection / relationship with the author who has a high Rank Author will give good results at Author Rank buddy .
  • On-site engagement - The number of comments on the content of a reply from the author and the author of these comments also affects Author Rank .
  • Involvement Youtube - Activity on youtube and it also affects the number of subscribers :)
  • Authorities other indicators - The books you publish in google books and has a profile page on wikipedia has a stake in improving Author Rank.

Google did not explain in detail the factors of Author rank , stuff above is just a rough idea of the new system . There is no harm if we prepare ourselves to get a good Rank Author is not it?

Hopefully the things I said above is useful and can support the success of my friends in the blogging activity . please appreciate my work and leave a comment and give me a chance to thanking you my friend. :) 
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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How To Increase Your Alexa Ranking

Alexa is recognize the best site analytic company on the web. For anyone who is conducting a business in comparison with excellent alexa rating is important correctly since it boost the amounts of rely on. Even if you are a blogger, Alexa rating can give the business oriented value in your blog. Just before 2 month my alexa rating seemed to be inadequate however after i put on the following methods to help my blog. Instantly my alexa ratings had been increasing further up as well as further up. You may also enhance your current alexa rating in the event you comply with underneath treatment.

1. Quality Content

Similar to other considerations, Alexa detect reversal price, pageviews and time of this web page. And also these products are simply much better simply by something and that's top quality content. Receive adhere to your blog and retain publishing unique content which is diverse and attractive. Unless you learn how to compose high quality content in comparison with discover this. And keep improving your writing skills.

2. Regular Update Your blog

Alexa likes completely fresh and new written content such as Google. It has been identified in how update in your blog 7 in order to 10 times a week may enhance the Alexa standing of an web site.

3. Socializing

Social media offers better trend they are driving added targeted traffic in your blog. Subscribe to social networking systems similar to Myspace, Twitting, Google+ while others and start giving your current most up-to-date posts on the report, dashboard, lover internet pages in addition to communities. Include social sharing buttons in your blog which can be positioned in every content given it helps make things easy for the visitor to share your post in their social accounts.

4. Install Alexa Toolbar

Install Alexa toolbar through their standard web page. When you open your browser it will be always located at the top I mean below the address box. The toolbar has different buttons, links and one search box. Daily search your site from that search box and I guarantee that you will get that Alexa ranking which you have never imagined.

5. Add Alexa Widget

Add Alexa widget to your blog to show visitors that how Alexa internet ranking your blog have and what quality backlinks you create for your blog. User also check also first then read blog articles it may seem nessensary to add Alexa widget and its improve your Alexa rank too.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

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How To Get Quality Links To Your Website

In this post I am going to tell about tips on how to acquire Quality Backlinks at your website that are connected with top quality and as well along with Google's conditions. What i'm saying is inbound links aimed at your website. Mr. The search engines generally wish an outstanding and normal backlink via other website yet if you are using wrong strategy to acquire website link your website absolutely disciplined with seek result.

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With current time me and a lot of many people tend to be making backlinks by wanting to know good friends to swap backlinks to you. and you will receive a back link out of your good friends website.

yet during those times you will get this particular normal website link by numerous ways and boost your own search engine optimization. With down below currently a few of the doable approach to acquire normal website link aimed at your website.


Article distribution can be a popular way to create backlinks - however perform content syndication just high quality content syndication sites. A number of these sites in world-wide-web are usually poor quality. consequently See a very best content sites within your niche and also produce high quality articles or blog posts.

When you produce a write-up and also release in of which content syndication website bear in mind to provide a reference box by the end of which backlinks here we are at a page in of which content syndication website. Search engines like google abide by these kinds of back links and also allow you to boost ones rank in the google search.


Youtube is also a good website and acquire organic backlinks. Produce video clip in addition to Publish it to be able to Youtube website link again aimed at your site in this video clip description. It is the best way to acquire excellent links because Youtube is a no. 1 video clip internet hosting websites.


Another method to obtain a quality backlink can be a forum signature. Right now take care whilst becoming a member of the actual Forum. Go with a forum that's specifically related to your site or website. Check out Excessive HIGH PR FORUM  website number becoming a member of in debate and put ones signature right now there. Ensure that you perform get involved with the Forum and giving constantly helpful advice there.

Anchor Text

The written text that you just work with to be able to link returning aimed at your site is important. If you are using identical key phrase upon just about every anchor text message of course your link shows as a junk website. The main thing should be to combine in place your keyword/phrases you are use in your anchor text message.

Instant Targeted visitors

Making use of these types of site to get links back to their website and give us instant traffic from that particular sites. Website visitors reading your posts, seeing your movies as well as reading your Forum threads.
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Monday, October 7, 2013

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Analyze Your Competitor’s SEO Strategy

There are lots of competitor analysis methods, techniques and procedures out there because there are a lot of competitive marketplaces. This article covers SEO competitor analysis. You are competing for a position on the search engines, and would especially like to rank highly on the Google search engine results pages. Your competitors are of the same mindset, so here are a few ways you can learn from them and use what they are doing to your advantage.

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Look at Their Website With SEO Eyes:

Beat Competitors in SEO

Be a SPY to Beat Your Competitors in Search Results ;)

Telling people to look at their competitor’s website in order to gain a bit of SEO insight is such a crap piece of advice that you see littered around the net. So, here is what you look for:

1. The Words That Are in Bold

They have been put in bold for the sake of the search engines. The search engines still key in on the words that are put into bold within the text of a website. It is an old trick that a lot of people now choose to ignore, but you will find that it is still applicable as your competitors are using it and they are ranking above you.

2. Look For The Words That Affiliate Advertising Has Keyed Into

Do your competitors have affiliate advertising? And if so, are one or two words in the text highlighted? Underlined? Or are anchor texts? If so then the page was no doubt created to hold those keywords.

3. Mirrored Words Throughout The Page

Take a look at that title, the URL, the anchor texts, and the content itself. Look for words that seem to appear in all of them or most of them. These are the keywords that your competitor is trying to optimize for.
4. Look At The Source Code of The Website
This is going to give you some very nice information and it can be found using a regular web browser. You just press CTRL+U and the source code will appear for the page that you are looking at. Now press CTRL+F and a small search bar will come up. Here is what you are searching for:


It will highlight different things depending on how the page has been written. Some web designers may have made it easy on you and have a keywords Meta tag that is clearly defined; in which case a search for the word “keyword” will take you right to it. Look at all the occurrences of the word “keyword” as it will be close to the keywords for the web page.


This may take you to a number of different places in the source code. You are looking for the Meta description. This piece of text will act as a good example for your worn Meta description, and you will notice that one or two of the mirrored keywords are in it too. You may also wish to optimize for those mirrored keywords.

H1 This will take you right to the H1 text. It should be a short phrase or sentence that is surrounded by the H1 tag. This tells the search engine that the phrase and words within are important. It makes inspiring reading when coming up with your own keyword profile and H1 text.
Word counters will show you their keywords

Find a good word and phrase counter online. Do not pay for one as most of them are free, just search out good ones. Copy the content of your competitor’s page and cut out any unnecessary text such as guarantees, disclaimers, sitemaps, etc. that may also be on the page. Paste the content into the word counter and see which words seem to appear with routine frequency.The important words that appear there are probably not on there by accident. They are probably there because the webmaster is optimizing the page for them. Use your frequency list to update your keyword list with new/important keywords. Then run the text through a phrase counter. You are looking for phrases of two or more words that have been repeated. Look to see if they appear to have repeated by accident. If they look suspiciously like key-phrases, then they probably are. You can steal them or write anti-SEO against them when you optimize your web pages.

Take a look at their ALT text
It is now common practice to embed a keyword or two into the ALT text of the web page images. Look at the descriptions within the ALT text of the images by looking at the source code, or hovering your mouse pointer over the image (this does not always work). If all else fails then go to your Internet options on your browser and turn off your image loading. Go back to your competitor’s website and all of the images on there will not load and you will be able to see all of the ALT text.


Once you have gathered enough information through the various means listed above, you can start to alter your ON-Page SEO to match and beat that of your competition.

You can create a keyword profile that is as full and varied as theirs. Plus, you are collaboratingthe keywords that you came up with, with all of the keywords that you have researched from your competitors. This will mean you will be able to narrow down your keyword profile to the most powerful and usable keywords. You will also be able to see what your competitors are trying to optimize for. If the competition is too harsh then you can go out of your way to optimize for something else by avoiding the keywords you discover on their websites.
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