Thursday, October 10, 2013

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Search Engine Optimization & Marketing.

While the main aim of your weblog may be to express your thoughts, talk back to your customers or as a vehicle to promote your product or services, there is another critical element to jogging a blog.

It's no secret that blogs are great for helping to boost your seo rankings. You can use a weblog to receive a used site ranked quickly and ahead of your main site in case you are dedicated to posting on a frequent basis.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing.

Because of the frequency of active blogs (every day - or at least five times a week) the search engines have put high weight on blogs that are focused & tend to stay on topic.

But the most overlooked element of a weblog is that one time you have established a frequent pattern of posting & you have the Google-bot coming to your site every few days, you can then use that to link to other sites, sub-domains or any deep links that you need to get crawled. While most weblog postings may not have direct links to any sites in particular, you could always format your weblog with some permanent links on the side.

It is the freshness of content (in an ideal world) that a search engine is craving & rewarding to the blogs. The ideal situation is that the weblog would provide for tiny snippets of information that over time build up to a greater whole. ( like a block)

Another mistake made by the amateur blogger is that they don't recognize that you can optimize your weblog. True, most blogs only have a few areas, namely the "home" page & the "archive" page. But depending on the gizmo being used to post the weblog, there's some places where you can take advantage seo-wise.

The title of your weblog ought to be thought of as a headline - grab the reader's attention - but even be positive that your weblog title is also what gets archived - that way your titles can become search queries as well.

While the main aim of a weblog ought to be to get your message out, don't forget to take a small time for SEO and you ought to see your efforts payoff in the search engine results pages

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