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Why Backlinks are so Important

Dear readers I do hope that you are fine and everything is going on well, today I’m going to tell you about the above title which is why banklinks are being so important nowadays so according to my views search engines are the very powerful and vital tool when it comes across to getting relevant traffic. It has been experienced that 90% of the traffic comes from those, so putting some efforts in order to get higher positions is well worth it. In the constant battle with the search engines, there are two main approaches in existence – on page and off page optimization. Utilizing both of them is sure to boost your results and get you ahead of the competition.

To make on page optimization

Here I would like to let you apprise that on page optimization includes techniques, such as modifying Title and Meta tags for example, as well as adding relevant keywords to the website’s content. Although this might seem an easy task, not everyone can squeeze its full potential. On the other hand, the impact of those techniques is roughly 25%. The rest 75% go to off page optimization and that is where marketers should concentrate their efforts.

Off page optimization

The most crucial aspect of offsite optimization is the so called backlinks. Backlinks are in short links from other pages that refer to one’s website. They hold a great importance to search engines, since they serve as recommendations, showing that the information one’s offering is relevant and trustworthy.

Quality in relation to quantity

Link building is the process of obtaining backlinks from other websites and in order to get it to work, you have to keep in mind that quantity is not always for the better. Getting ten relevant backlinks is far superior, than one hundred low quality backlinks.

The number one rule which you have to keep in your mind is that spamming for the sole purpose of getting backlinks is not allowed! Google has developed complex algorithms, which will detect that your intention is increasing search engine positions. In the end the only thing you will achieve, is getting your site banned and probably deindexed. In the next few paragraphs I’m going to introduce you to several tactics that are sure to bring in some quality backlinks and the best thing is that you won’t have to spend a dime! At the same time you don’t have to be some kind of a guru to get them working, hence they’re perfect for a newbie.

Use of backlinks from Directories

Directories are by far the most popular technique for getting backlinks and a matter of fact a lot of the big players have started namely with directory submissions. That method is straight forward – one Google search on directories is sure to bring in thousands and thousands of such sites. In most of them, there’s a ‘submit site’ or ‘submit a link’ button, after which filling in few lines of information about the site is required and that’s all there is. You should be careful when submitting to directories though, since generating dozens of backlinks in a short period of time might get you into trouble with the search engines. You can either lose positions on your keyphrases or worse - get your site banned. Adding 3-4 backlinks a day is good enough and is not going to cause any problems.

Getting backlinks from Blogs

Nowadays search engines are starting to give higher importance to backlinks from blogs, which is pretty good, since just by commenting on an article you have read, you can get yourself a quality backlink. You just have to make sure that your chosen blog is a dofollow one, as otherwise the links won’t be used by the search engines when calculating page rank. I would like to recommend you a simple plug-in for Firefox users that highlights nofollow and dofollow links in different colors – red and blue respectively. That can really be useful when you are not sure whether the blog, you want to comment on is dofollow. We are also a dofollow blog - leave a comment and you will get a backlink.

In the last, if you want to go a step further and obtain even better backlinks, guest blogging might turn out to be the thing for you. There are hundreds of blogs in existence that allow guest articles. You just need to come up with an interesting and relevant one. Then you drop the administrators an email and if they approve, you are one step closer to reaching the top pages in the search results for your keyword and getting tons of traffic. I hope that this article will help you to understand about the Banklinks important nowadays.

Extracting backlinks from Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking is in my opinion a great way for getting high PR links. It strangely seems to be quite an underrated method and its full potential is yet to be unraveled. You should first start with the more popular bookmarking sites, such as Digg and Stumbleupon. After registering start submitting your site, vote for other people’s sites and add comments. That is sure to raise your authority and give you even higher exposure. Check out the following link for a great list of 50 dofollow social bookmarking sites.

If it is wanted to be got the high traffic and quality backlinks so above top 3 months are more reliable for it and because of it if anyone put some time and efforts, it is must that positive and attractive results sure to come.

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