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Friday, November 8, 2013

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Imporant Role & Experiance In Blogging

Your Important Role and Experience in Blogging
  The important role you are to play and the expertise you must have  to make excellent blogging. As an entrepreneur you need to engross  yourself whole heartedly to expect the business. If you have a little  experience or an expert in bootstrapping the operation, this may  mean taking the approach that professional bloggers take and doing p  pretty much everything yourself. It is better to engage extra staff in  spite of having your usual office worker which will active in a more efficient way and it will work still actively well.

Remember writing capacity and better experience is the most important and countable thing in creating excellent blogging site. This will be your building block and acquire popularity and acceptance that will emerge as a good quality blogging. This may take some time to gain acquaintance and popularity but ultimately in course of time you will romp through your targeted goal. But it will also help you to make your planning and strategy successful.

Writing and editing is not only enough but in spite of that as an entrepreneur you are supposed to accomplish some other things. These include marketing, accounting monetization and management. A lot of strategy and set-up work may also include this book will help you assist to work as a guidance which will give you variety of functions you will require to go ahead.

Let me expatiate and tell you an interesting bit of advice which will serve as a good source of constructing business in blogging, before you are going to establish a project the prime important thing is that it is very essential to acquire good knowledge and experience and then commit to do that. Un-dubiously if you even a horrendous writer do not take any panic your experience will alleviate the problem and help you assist you a lot and go on writing, writing and writing.

It is as easy as pie and can start to write at the very inception easily. I have been trying and striving to satiate the required demand and requirements of my visitors which will pave the way for your good understanding and knowledge which will capacitate you to become an expert in writing blogs. Now if you are still a novice and have not blogged yet than what you have to do simply just pick a topic you are interested in and set aside a few weeks to intensively blog on the subject to do your utmost to get noticed, and to inculcate yourself about the mechanics of blogging.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

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Turn your blogger blog into dofollow form nofollow!

Turn your blogger blog into dofollow form nofollow!
In this post I will show you How to Make a Blogger Blog Dofollow without commentluv to Get More Comments in your blog. A best way to get more comments on your blogs posts is the dofollow blog. For the reason of success of website monitoring Google page rank and Alexa rank highly focuses on how numerous of backlinks a web/blog site is having. But a problem nofollow comments doesn’t add any value to SEO. For this reason Every blogger or webmaster love dofollow blog. Because a dofollow blog can give them dofollow backlinks. Dofollow backlinks is strong from nofollow backlinks. Google, bing, yahoo or another search engine love dofollow backlinks. If you make the blog comments dofollow then more bloggers and webmasters will comment on your blog to get backlinks from your blog. In this way you can increase your blog comments and Google and  Alexa page rank also. This situation both side it is helpful, you will get more traffics as well as comments for your blog while visitor will be able to build up more and more backlinks to there blog/web site. If you like Default blogger blog comment system then you can follow my post to make blogger/blogspot blog comment dofollw without commentluv.

Steps To Create Your Blogger Blog As Dofollow:

  • Step 1: Log in blogger account
  • Note: Firstly backup your template
  • Step 2: Go to blogger dashboard > Template > Edit HTML > Tick on Expand Widget.
  • Step 3: Find following code (Using by Ctrl+f)

<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'><></a>

  • Step 4: Replace entire code by following code or, change nofollow as dofollow.

<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='dofollow'><></a>

You are done.

Now your blogspot blog is dofollow, but now you are compulsory to check each and every comment because there are a lot of people who are start publishing unnecessary spam comment just to buildup backlinks.  If you find such a comment you can remove those right away. And you must have to enable captcha and approve only good comments that are related with your blogs contents.
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Saturday, November 2, 2013

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Build Quality Backlinks For Blog Tips and Tricks

Build Quality Backlinks For Blog Tips and Tricks
Backlinks can change the way of blogging. If Quality Backlinks can improve your blog ranking then bad and poor backlinks can ruin your all efforts and hardwork into vain. Webmasters need to give special preferences to quality of backlinks. In Panda and Penguin World, quantity of backlinks doesn't matter. The thing which matter is Quality. In past, webmasters used to generate backlinks using poor techniques like profile links, link exchange with random websites, generating too many links with same anchor text on which they want to rank their blog in search engines. But the time has changed now. Google hates all of these link building techniques. Now we have to work on quality not the quantity. In this article I will share some best tips that can be follow to generate high quality backlinks.

Quality Backlinks

Below are some general methods of getting backlinks to a blog and you may be aware with them. But in this post I will tell you how to follow these methods correctly without any risk of SEO penalties. So, take a look at what to do and how.

Tip 1: Blog Commenting

Most of you will know that blog commenting is the best method for link building to a blog but do you know how blog commenting works. This is highly recommended to add blog commenting in your blogging schedule. Leave at least 10 comments daily on high ranked blogs same with your niche. It will not only help you in link building but also help you to increase blog traffic. Most of bloggers will know the benefits of blog commenting but they don't know how to take proper benefits of their time they spend on commenting on other blogs. Commenting on those blogs where you get nofollow link is a waste of time. Work on those blogs where you can get dofollow backlink for your blog.
Use search engines to find CommentLuv and KeywordLuv enabled blogs and leave valuable comments on those blogs on daily basis. When you comment on those blogs then below every comment your recent posted post will be shown with title as anchor text. And even you can also use your keyword in the name field like this Blogger Tips and Tricks. That means you can get two backlinks from single comment. It will help you to generate high quality dofollow backlinks and your Page Rank will increase.

Find CommuntLuv and KeywordLuv Enabled Blogs

This is really a simple job to find those blogs which have installed Communtluv and KeywordLuv commenting system in it. Simply go with your favorite search engine and type the below query.

1) your keyword "CommentLuv"2) your keyword "KeywordLuv"

It means if I need to find blogs with blogging niche then I will search query like blogging "CommentLuv".

Once you enter these types of search terms you will get the list of CommentLuv and KeywordLuv enabled blogs. Use them to increase your blog backlinks. Spend at least 20-30 minutes daily to read those blog's articles and leave valuable comment there. Don't put short comments like nice article, good article and all. Blog owner will not accept these types of comments and your efforts will be waste.

Tip 2: Use Forums

Use Forums

Participating in webmaster forums can help you to increase your blog readership. Readers will let to know about your blog and hence new visitors land to read your content. Denote some time from your schedule to use forums for link building. Answer the questions there under your perfection of field and use signature as a link back to your site. You can use below forums.

Digital Point Forum

This forum is especially for webmasters and SEO niche. You can ask your questions there as well can reply to those questions asked by others. Try to reply with best answer. Once your answers got liked by 3 established users then you will also become an established user. Then you can use signature below every answer which you give. Use link pointing back to your blog in signature column. Visit Digital Point Forum.

Yahoo Answers

"Yahoo Answers" is the best place to increase your blog traffic fast. There are millions of visitors on this question answer website. You should join this site for your own benefits. Spend some time to reply other's questions. There are 10 levels and when the number of your answers will increase these levels will also increase. As same as digital point forum, here you have the opportunity to put your blog link in source column. But that link will not be active. If you want an active link then you have to reach on second level. Second level means 250 points. 2 points for each answer and 10 points for the best answer if voted by the person who asks the question. Do answering on regular basis, it will bring new visitors to your blog and if they subscribe your feedburner feed then they will become your blog readers. Visit Yahoo Answers.

Tip 3: Guest Blogging

Write your best and unique articles for other's blog. Yes, you heard right. Write for others and in return you will be awarded with a very powerful dofollow and targeted backlink with anchor text of your choice. Find blogs under the same niche which you have and contact their owners using contact us form in their blog to submit guest post. If they agree to publish your post on their blog then submit your post and include one or two link between content or in the Author's Bio section with your main keyword as anchor text. Guest Posting is beneficial for both the parties. Blog owners receive free and high quality articles for the blog and in return you receive high quality backlink for your blog.

Note: Don't always build backlinks for your blog homepage. Try to build backlinks for internal pages also like category pages or any related post. For more SEO benefits you can also link to your sitemap page. By sitemap page, I mean the page which contains links to all published posts into your blog. You can visit my blog sitemap page for better understanding named as Blogger Tips And Tricks. By linking to that page means killing two birds with single stone. First is it will help Google Bots to crawl and index all of your posts and second is visitors will have to click to the links to read the article hence more page views.

Tip 4: Internal Linking of Posts

Internal links and External Links both plays an important role in SEO. Internal links also count as quality backlinks. Google loves those blogs which works on internal linking strategy. Let me tell you how internal linking works. Whenever you right new post, try to link your previous posts or popular posts with proper anchor text. It has multiple benefits like:

Build Backlinks for all posts.

Search engine crawlers will let to know about your blog content in deep. All the posts will get indexed fast. Hence better crawl rate.
Increase blog visit time, hence better ranking in search results.
So, what you think does internal linking works? Obviously works dear. Just try it and you will let to know yourself.

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How To Build Successful Career in Blogging

How To Build Successful Career in Blogging

Hi Friends! To i share with you  How To Build Successful Career in Blogging ? That is a my main point how beginners successful career in blogging . Lets start


Design is the overall look of your blog. The first thing anyone notices is how your blog looks – well structured, elegant themes, customized menus etc. 

WordPress provides a more customizable environment with lots of professional themes – both free and paid ones. However, hosting a blog on WordPress is costlier and its you who have to pay the hosting bills along with domain registration. Blogger is free for hosting but has limited features. 


You are creating a blog for people. Your blog will reach to thousands in your coming days. These people may be amateurs or highly knowledgeable people having an in-depth understanding of what you are writing in your blog. What I am trying to say is to influence these peoples, you have to develop a deep understanding of your subject. And for that, you have to read a lot. Everything is there on Google.


Deploy means to bring into action. Combine your knowledge and experience and create the best of you. Deploy the knowledge you have acquired and present it to your audience in the best possible way.
Content and Content is the king. The visitors sole purpose to come to your blog is to find the answer of his query and its the content that is going to establish your blog. Your content quality will decide your long term profit from blogging. 

Content has 3 aspects:

Uniqueness- I just said – everything is available on Google. Then how its gonna be unique? The answer lies in the way of presentation. The way you will mix your words with images, facts and figures, your personal experience will make your post unique. 

Optimization- Search Engine Optimization is a gradual process and you will learn it gradually in your blogging career. No one can really teach you SEO in a day or two, on YouTube or messenger. Its your experience that will count on your SEO practices. Keyword research, optimizing your Titles and Meta descriptions, switching to long term keywords, link building, and much more you will have to learn.

Marketing: Content needs to be delivered. What you write has to reach to right audience and its your responsibility to market it to as much people as possible. Its your presence on Social Networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and other social sites thats gonna benefit you. Increasing your followers, building Connections, Adding people to your circles, and building an email subscriber list should be in your preference list. 

Blog often, Blog Regularly.

Don’t just sit and hope your blog to grow. Go and write a post daily unless you are someone who have more than 400+ articles with thousands of impressions daily and $$$ in your account. The post frequency may range from 3-7 posts weekly. Anything more than that will indicate that you are not giving proper time to marketing. So, avoid overdoing it too.


The last step is advertising. Your ultimate goal is to make money from your blog. There are mainly 3 forms from which you can make dollars. 

CPC programs: Cost-Per-Click programs pays you on the basis of clicks generated on the ads that are displayed on your blog. There are several PPC advertising networks like AdSense and Chitika wh ich can make you a lot of money.

CPM program: CPM is Cost per impression. They pay on the number of ad views irrespective of clicks on your ads. The advantage of CPM over CPC is that you are paid everytime your site loads whether any clicks are generated or not. 

CPM advertising is however for those who have thousands of impressions per day. You won’t see any real money in your account unless you have traffic. They are numerous CPM advertising networks like TribalFusion, VibrantMedia, CasaleMedia which are legitimate and pays good. 

In CPC advertising, users has to click on the ads. Each click will redirect the user to the advertising site and you loose a reader for that time. The reader might have read some more stuffs in your blog, subscribed to your blog. But you have missed it.
Affiliate Marketing: In affiliate marketing, you advertise products on your blog, provides reviews, compel your readers to buy stuffs and any sale generated will earn you commissions. There are different affiliate marketers like – which has everything that can be sold, Commission Junction etc.

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4 Best Tips Improve Your Skills

4 Best Tips Improve Your Skills

How to improve your skills for hire the best blogger.
The best thing about the times we are dwelling in is that there are very many professionals out there, and most, if not all, are willing to outsource their services. For example, if you are not a professional blogger, you do not need to become one in alignment to achieve your online marketing goals, all you need to do is charter the best visitor posting service accessible to you, and you will receive better outcomes and a calm of mind.

When performed in the right way, visitor posting can augment your enterprise, but if handled by armatures, it will be just a waste of time. although, if you desire to improve your abilities and do it yourself, then here are a couple of pointers.

1. Do not rush

It is important that you take time to analyze a few things first before you go blogging on other people's websites. Make sure that the website you are going to blog in is one that receives enough traffic. If there are no people who visit that site, then it would be better to leave and post elsewhere. Then, you also need to consider the quality of work that you are offering. If your level of writing is way below the standard of what the website is looking for, then it would be better to give it some time to improve your writing.

2. Build a relationship

No, we are not talking about a personal relationship, it is all about business. As much as you want to benefit from the backlink that you will get when you post your article in a website that has much greater traffic than yours, it is advisable to try and build a lasting business relationship, such that you can blog on the site, and they can also blog on your site.

3. Content is king

What you write really matters. If your content is boring, repetitive and has grammatical errors, readers will not enjoy going through it. Aim at being insightful, thoughtful, informative, and relevant to your readers. Make it easy for the owner of the website to publish your content, and this means that he or she must like what he or she will read.

4. Promote yourself

These days, it is possible to advertise yourself without paying anything, and this is through social media. Social networks will really place you on the map, because people who you know will read your content, and this will make others to follow suit.
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Mistakes You Should Avoid To Become Successful Blogger

Blogging is now the most famous way to promote you and your business among the wider internet audience. Thousands of blogs are created daily for different purposes, some for earning the bucks and others for serving the world.

Bloggers can be successful if they put their hard work in building a good blog. A newbie blogger is unaware from many things about blogging and makes huge mistakes.

So here we’re going to discuss about some mistakes or things which must be avoided by bloggers to get success in their blogging career. Before we begin the discussion, first let me explain that who is a successful blogger.

Who is a Successful Blogger?

A successful blogger is one who is familiar with every aspect of blogging and know how to blog to get better rankings in search engines and have the ability to beat his/her competitors. Having high engaged blog readers, blog authority, high Alexa ranking and Google Page Rank are also signs of a successful blogger.

Beside these factors, if someone has the quality to make high “Monthly Blog Revenue” from his blog then, no doubt, he is also in the list of Top Bloggers. So, now decide yourself that  do you have all these qualities? If yes, then stop reading this article otherwise keep your eyes glued on this guide.

Don't Copy Content Of Other Blog

Don't copy other blog article if you copying other blog articles Google and blog automatic spam deleted your blog.
This is my personal experiance i copying other blog articles and Google deleted by blog by automatic spam so please don't try to copy articles.

Wrong Niche Selection

This is another mistake many blogger's .If you select correct Niche of your blog the articlces should automatic in your mind and if you choose wrong niche you must have to copy other blog articles so try to select correct Niche of your blog.

Bonus Tip: If you are confused to finalize your niche, then make a list of your interests and then start short listing that. At final you’ll get a niche in which you have most interest and knowledge.

Implementing SEO in Wrong Way

We must focus on Search Engine Optimization to optimize blog for search engines. Most of newbies don’t know how to implement SEO on their blog and that’s they neglect it. But friends, only SEO is that thing which can help you to gain massive amount of targeted traffic to your blog from search engines.

Some bloggers implement SEO in a wrong manner and did minor but must ignored mistakes. Most common are keyword stuffing, crossing keyword density limit, don’t do keyword research before writing post, building backlinks to blog via spam methods like spam blog commenting etc.

If you are also doing the same mistake, then polish your SEO skills today and become a smart blogger.

Non User Friendly Blog Structure

This is also important that you should make your blog user friendly. User friendly blogs have good design and easy to read. Provide best navigation structure to your readers so that they can access each corner of your blog.

Write blog posts with incredible formatting that please to reader’s eyes, solve their queries and reply to their comments. Appreciate their comments on your blog and asked them to visit it more often. When you start appreciating their presence on your blog and build relations with them, then they’ll love to read your blog regularly and you’ll get returning traffic to your blog.

Read this killer trick to increase comments on your blog and build better user’s engagement on your blog.

Considering Daily Blogging – ‘A Waste of Time’

When bloggers got inspiration from other great bloggers to join blogging, they launch they blog with so many hopes. But soon they get bored to it and stop updating it regularly. They considered it as a waste of time.

But you’ve must need to learn that how important is to update your blog regularly because our readers and search engines both love daily fresh and unique content on our blog. I recommend you to participate in Daily Blogging and make your blog lovable for your readers and search engines too.

In one of my earlier posts I had share a complete guide on Daily Blogging and it’s benefits. Must check it and be a smart blogger and work on your blog effectively.

Giving Value To Ads Over Traffic

Always give value to your blog traffic first and ads later. Accept this fact that if you fail to build up your blog traffic then you can’t taste money blogging.

Don’t make your blog a fish market by adding too much ads. It’ll annoy your readers you’ll lose soul of blogging. Many bloggers who are keen to make their blog as ATM Machine, put pop up ads to get maximum clicks.

At least think at once from user’s side, would you like to visit those blogs where priority to ads are higher than content.

Our readers visit our blog in sake of our content. If you don’t give value to your content, then sorry to say, you are the failure from your first step.

Stop Dreaming, Wake Up and Do Hard Work

At last, I would like to tell you that stop dreaming to become successful blogger over night. You need to come out from dream’s world and start working to improve your blog’s value.

I remembered that I did the same mistake when I put my first step into blogging world. My dreams was to make instant money from my blog say dollars and dollars :P

But I was totally wrong and then I realize that we’ve to do hard work to become a successful blogger. Only then we can earn desired money to fulfill our living needs.

Blogging looks tough to newbies that’s why either they quit it or lose their interest. But this is not the fact. Blogging is really interesting that make bloggers differ from normal people. If you concentrate on your content, that is the king, then you can experience the blogging world in a very colorful way.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

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Best 4 Tips Write Comments that Attract Eager New Readers

Best 4 Tips Write Comments that Attract Eager New Readers

Best 4 Tips Write Comments that Attract Eager New Readers is the best tips for new and old blogger .

1 Make Comments Attract Content

Build each comment like a part of content to snag the vigilance of new readers. post a greeting, body and conclusion/sign off to make persons take notice. I like welcome my young person blogger by title then I make a issue discussing some aspect of the post. This displays that I actually read the mail. I delve into the theme for at least a couple of paragraphs.

After distributing my outlook I express gratitude the blogger for posting then advance to sign off with my first title. This sears an effect on the minds of commentary readers.

2 Commentary Persistently

Commentating on a blog one time every few weeks does not slash it. Become memorable by programming blog readers with your continual, consistent, valuable remarks. Have you observed how commercials or TV shows appear to augment on you after glimpsing them more than a couple of times? Commenting persistently yields a alike effect.

Persons will state, “Hey I understand that Michel guy, he habitually departs helpful remarks on blog posts”, each time they come over yourcomments. Persistence wins in the book reader attracting game. After someone augments on you it is a matter of time before you become a trusted reader of their blog.

3 Share Your know-how

No regurgitating of the same vintage answer to a blog mail. I have heard that you desire to conceive valuable mails for snagging more readers, and if I just replicate this line then most readers will melody out my commentaryary immediately. Write certain thing different by sharing your know-how. remarks are easily mini blog mails designed to add worth to a post.

That is it, just a part of content you can use to relay an experience which assists a blogging assembly. Share tales. Make an influence. Teach lessons. Seize your chance to glow. notify your article to influence readers and motivate more than a couple of to visit your blog.

4 Never Consign a Comment Propel By

I am guilty of this. I accept it. If I feel rushed or care not about the blog subject issue I mail 1 line comments occasionally. large-scale mistake. I missed my chance to make an impact. Write 3-4 paragraphs. No need to compose long paragraphs; 1 judgment will do. But propose to conceive a masterpiece each time you commentary to become memorable and attract more readers.

This approach of writing in-depth, thoughtful, mindful comments can reel in new readers by the boatload. Stick to this scheme, add worth, make an impact and you too will attract new readers to your blog in no time.

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Latest 4 Tips Evolving a Blogging Networking Appliance

Latest 4 Tips Evolving a Blogging Networking Appliance

Hi friends ! I hope all is well to day i share a post that is Latest 4 Tips Evolving a Blogging Networking Appliance. Read below.

1 Be a Ally to Become a Ally

Be a friend. Support persons you meet. Be pleasant. Be cooperative. Be a ally. This is easy. This easy proceed groups the foundation for a prospering relationship.

How do you treat offline associates? Well heal your online blogging associates the identical way. Help. Go above and beyond to support your associates.

2 Conceive Comments like Content

The easiest way to make an impact in minutes is to read a blog post and conceive a memorable, valuable, part of content with your comments. You will stand out from the gathering and make a ton of associates.

Comments can be your best ally in the networking department. Bloggers love obtaining comments. Awesome comments? Well heck, you will have a blogger ally for life if you post 3-4 paragraph masterpieces on their blog, because each commentary is a part of content.

This means that search engine love crawling sites and seeing many insightful comments. Active, engaging blogs do well in search motors which of course spikes your blog traffic quickly.

3 Create Visitor Posts for Buddies

I come to out to ABC to see if he required me to compose a visitor mail. He did. So I churned this out. Here I am, making buddies with his assembly and reinforcing my connection with ABC too.

My mesh augments more powerful and guess what? visitor posting benefits me too. Win-win situation here. I expand my occurrence and increase my blog traffic while supplying ABC with helpful, relevant content for his blog.

So our companionship augments stronger, my network elaborates and both parties win.

Be hard-hitting on the visitor posting front to become a genuine networking appliance. well known entertainers network like angry, collaborating with other vocalists. identical deal with guest blogging. displaying up universal makes you memorable.

4 Open Up Your Blog to Guest Posting

This one is strong to pursue for numerous bloggers. Perfectionists or selfish persons desire all the publicity for themselves. regrettably, selfish, hungry persons make couple of associates in this world.

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

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5 Must Follow Principles For Blogger

5 Must Follow Principles For Blogger

With the hype that has been created in the world about the best online ways to make money, Blogging comes on the top. There is no doubt about the power of blogging at this time of stage, yet there are some ethical principles that a blogger must dissolve in his career and drink to maintain his business smoothly. What happens is once the blogs start generating revenue, bloggers find themselves, somewhere out of the world, often neglecting the fact that it was their readers who contributed in taking the blogs to such successes. In order to grasp your customer’s attention consistently, Here are five simple principles to keep your readers happily bonded with your blog and enjoy making money online!


Being creative is one of the most important things. You cannot always be direct; you have to be creative, making things interesting for your readers. If you are running more than two blogs at the same time, then you need to take care of that all of your blogs must be unique and different from others; good enough to take your readers away into an amazing world of your words. Even the slightest innovations can bring people to your blog and make them your captives. Try bringing out the reality in your words, keep them light but effective!


Blogging requires patience and passion to work. You have to be determinant and consistent in whatever you do. Even if your blog isn’t doing well, you cannot just stop working on it. However, We know that it might get pretty depressing when you aren’t getting the desired feedback but that is not the end of the world. You need to focus and work on it more. You need to work with passion and more determination. Blogging in the true spirit of making a difference will surely make your way. Don’t stop! Just work your heart out!

Read This: Make Blogger Blog Private Tips and Tricks


Although the primary emphasis is given on writing quality posts and driving traffic, there are other factors contributing in a blog’s success. Blogging is like a double road where you have to blog and keep yourself updated in your social circle. You need to have a social spirit. Walk out and join other networks, meet bloggers, share your stuff, learn new things and broaden your horizon. You cannot keep yourself in a nutshell, especially when you are earning your livings from an online source. You need to socialize as much as you can and develop new relationships. This socializing plus the quality of your blogs will make things easier for you.


Arrogance is one thing that people dislikes the most. Whether you are a newbie or a famous blogger, this is intolerable in both the cases. The blogging community eagerly welcomes passion and opinions but closes the doors for humiliation and ego. You should opt for some better ways of advancement instead of demeaning other bloggers. Just keep in mind, you are a blogger like others and you should use it as a tool for success rather a weapon to humiliate your readers.

Read This: Top 50 Tips To Increase Blog Traffic Tremendously


Are your stories to the point? Does your blog actually relate to what you have in store? Do the news and events depict the clear picture of what you are? If yes, then you surely are on the right track. Follow your paths; do not deviate from it just because you aren’t getting much traffic. Don’t do what others are doing. Keep your posts unique and concrete. Look up what popular stories are relevant to your blog, make them precise and then post!
Creating a blog and writing a quality content is somehow much easier because that is what depends on you only, however, attracting the traffic and adding an X-factor in your tone to keep the readers bonded is something that demands a real hard work from you, because public dealing is itself a huge subject to understand and when you decide to become an entrepreneur, you should be ready to take care of all the aspects that are a part of any physical world business.
All the Best,
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