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How To Build Successful Career in Blogging

How To Build Successful Career in Blogging

Hi Friends! To i share with you  How To Build Successful Career in Blogging ? That is a my main point how beginners successful career in blogging . Lets start


Design is the overall look of your blog. The first thing anyone notices is how your blog looks – well structured, elegant themes, customized menus etc. 

WordPress provides a more customizable environment with lots of professional themes – both free and paid ones. However, hosting a blog on WordPress is costlier and its you who have to pay the hosting bills along with domain registration. Blogger is free for hosting but has limited features. 


You are creating a blog for people. Your blog will reach to thousands in your coming days. These people may be amateurs or highly knowledgeable people having an in-depth understanding of what you are writing in your blog. What I am trying to say is to influence these peoples, you have to develop a deep understanding of your subject. And for that, you have to read a lot. Everything is there on Google.


Deploy means to bring into action. Combine your knowledge and experience and create the best of you. Deploy the knowledge you have acquired and present it to your audience in the best possible way.
Content and Content is the king. The visitors sole purpose to come to your blog is to find the answer of his query and its the content that is going to establish your blog. Your content quality will decide your long term profit from blogging. 

Content has 3 aspects:

Uniqueness- I just said – everything is available on Google. Then how its gonna be unique? The answer lies in the way of presentation. The way you will mix your words with images, facts and figures, your personal experience will make your post unique. 

Optimization- Search Engine Optimization is a gradual process and you will learn it gradually in your blogging career. No one can really teach you SEO in a day or two, on YouTube or messenger. Its your experience that will count on your SEO practices. Keyword research, optimizing your Titles and Meta descriptions, switching to long term keywords, link building, and much more you will have to learn.

Marketing: Content needs to be delivered. What you write has to reach to right audience and its your responsibility to market it to as much people as possible. Its your presence on Social Networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and other social sites thats gonna benefit you. Increasing your followers, building Connections, Adding people to your circles, and building an email subscriber list should be in your preference list. 

Blog often, Blog Regularly.

Don’t just sit and hope your blog to grow. Go and write a post daily unless you are someone who have more than 400+ articles with thousands of impressions daily and $$$ in your account. The post frequency may range from 3-7 posts weekly. Anything more than that will indicate that you are not giving proper time to marketing. So, avoid overdoing it too.


The last step is advertising. Your ultimate goal is to make money from your blog. There are mainly 3 forms from which you can make dollars. 

CPC programs: Cost-Per-Click programs pays you on the basis of clicks generated on the ads that are displayed on your blog. There are several PPC advertising networks like AdSense and Chitika wh ich can make you a lot of money.

CPM program: CPM is Cost per impression. They pay on the number of ad views irrespective of clicks on your ads. The advantage of CPM over CPC is that you are paid everytime your site loads whether any clicks are generated or not. 

CPM advertising is however for those who have thousands of impressions per day. You won’t see any real money in your account unless you have traffic. They are numerous CPM advertising networks like TribalFusion, VibrantMedia, CasaleMedia which are legitimate and pays good. 

In CPC advertising, users has to click on the ads. Each click will redirect the user to the advertising site and you loose a reader for that time. The reader might have read some more stuffs in your blog, subscribed to your blog. But you have missed it.
Affiliate Marketing: In affiliate marketing, you advertise products on your blog, provides reviews, compel your readers to buy stuffs and any sale generated will earn you commissions. There are different affiliate marketers like – which has everything that can be sold, Commission Junction etc.

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