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Friday, November 8, 2013

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How a Blog is Started ?

How a Blog is Started ?

There are many kind of opinions that how a blog is started so in this regard according to me in the world of blogging numerous of blogs are available in the internet now a days. Most probably millions of blogs entries are there in the internet. The reason to make so many blogs is to create awareness among the users because everybody is not acquainted with how to create a new blog.

To make a blog now a days is far more easier in compare to previous blogs. Free sites and free tools have capacitated the users to make a blog easily. In order to begin with a blog it is very essential to start a blog website. It is not necessary to buy a new domain name to start a blog. Many blog sites are available like blogger and Wordpress providing free website for the person. These sites are consist to text editing tools, CSS and HTML editors, and capabilities to insert videos images and links.

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A multiple hosting sites are available which provide numerous layout styles and themes that can be used for free of cost. There are alternatives for the users to choose blog themes according to his/her own choice. Facilities to edit and existing blog is also possible and the user can do so to make the blog more attractive.

Tools and widgets like calendar, visitor counter, word counter and other fun stuffs can be added. Some blog sites can also subscribe to other blogs for better link building and better blog content. The internet provides more options for the person. He just needs to explore all of these and be more creative.

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But Blogger is the best blog hosting site and this blog also hosted on blogger so try blogger first.

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

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Mistakes You Should Avoid To Become Successful Blogger

Blogging is now the most famous way to promote you and your business among the wider internet audience. Thousands of blogs are created daily for different purposes, some for earning the bucks and others for serving the world.

Bloggers can be successful if they put their hard work in building a good blog. A newbie blogger is unaware from many things about blogging and makes huge mistakes.

So here we’re going to discuss about some mistakes or things which must be avoided by bloggers to get success in their blogging career. Before we begin the discussion, first let me explain that who is a successful blogger.

Who is a Successful Blogger?

A successful blogger is one who is familiar with every aspect of blogging and know how to blog to get better rankings in search engines and have the ability to beat his/her competitors. Having high engaged blog readers, blog authority, high Alexa ranking and Google Page Rank are also signs of a successful blogger.

Beside these factors, if someone has the quality to make high “Monthly Blog Revenue” from his blog then, no doubt, he is also in the list of Top Bloggers. So, now decide yourself that  do you have all these qualities? If yes, then stop reading this article otherwise keep your eyes glued on this guide.

Don't Copy Content Of Other Blog

Don't copy other blog article if you copying other blog articles Google and blog automatic spam deleted your blog.
This is my personal experiance i copying other blog articles and Google deleted by blog by automatic spam so please don't try to copy articles.

Wrong Niche Selection

This is another mistake many blogger's .If you select correct Niche of your blog the articlces should automatic in your mind and if you choose wrong niche you must have to copy other blog articles so try to select correct Niche of your blog.

Bonus Tip: If you are confused to finalize your niche, then make a list of your interests and then start short listing that. At final you’ll get a niche in which you have most interest and knowledge.

Implementing SEO in Wrong Way

We must focus on Search Engine Optimization to optimize blog for search engines. Most of newbies don’t know how to implement SEO on their blog and that’s they neglect it. But friends, only SEO is that thing which can help you to gain massive amount of targeted traffic to your blog from search engines.

Some bloggers implement SEO in a wrong manner and did minor but must ignored mistakes. Most common are keyword stuffing, crossing keyword density limit, don’t do keyword research before writing post, building backlinks to blog via spam methods like spam blog commenting etc.

If you are also doing the same mistake, then polish your SEO skills today and become a smart blogger.

Non User Friendly Blog Structure

This is also important that you should make your blog user friendly. User friendly blogs have good design and easy to read. Provide best navigation structure to your readers so that they can access each corner of your blog.

Write blog posts with incredible formatting that please to reader’s eyes, solve their queries and reply to their comments. Appreciate their comments on your blog and asked them to visit it more often. When you start appreciating their presence on your blog and build relations with them, then they’ll love to read your blog regularly and you’ll get returning traffic to your blog.

Read this killer trick to increase comments on your blog and build better user’s engagement on your blog.

Considering Daily Blogging – ‘A Waste of Time’

When bloggers got inspiration from other great bloggers to join blogging, they launch they blog with so many hopes. But soon they get bored to it and stop updating it regularly. They considered it as a waste of time.

But you’ve must need to learn that how important is to update your blog regularly because our readers and search engines both love daily fresh and unique content on our blog. I recommend you to participate in Daily Blogging and make your blog lovable for your readers and search engines too.

In one of my earlier posts I had share a complete guide on Daily Blogging and it’s benefits. Must check it and be a smart blogger and work on your blog effectively.

Giving Value To Ads Over Traffic

Always give value to your blog traffic first and ads later. Accept this fact that if you fail to build up your blog traffic then you can’t taste money blogging.

Don’t make your blog a fish market by adding too much ads. It’ll annoy your readers you’ll lose soul of blogging. Many bloggers who are keen to make their blog as ATM Machine, put pop up ads to get maximum clicks.

At least think at once from user’s side, would you like to visit those blogs where priority to ads are higher than content.

Our readers visit our blog in sake of our content. If you don’t give value to your content, then sorry to say, you are the failure from your first step.

Stop Dreaming, Wake Up and Do Hard Work

At last, I would like to tell you that stop dreaming to become successful blogger over night. You need to come out from dream’s world and start working to improve your blog’s value.

I remembered that I did the same mistake when I put my first step into blogging world. My dreams was to make instant money from my blog say dollars and dollars :P

But I was totally wrong and then I realize that we’ve to do hard work to become a successful blogger. Only then we can earn desired money to fulfill our living needs.

Blogging looks tough to newbies that’s why either they quit it or lose their interest. But this is not the fact. Blogging is really interesting that make bloggers differ from normal people. If you concentrate on your content, that is the king, then you can experience the blogging world in a very colorful way.

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