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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


How To Open CD/DVD Rom From Your Computer Desktop

Today i,m going to share with you an amazing notepad trick with you can open your CD/DVD Rom from your computer desktop your all need is just follow these simple steps

1) Open your notepad

2) Copy the code given below and paste this code in your notepad

        Set oWMP = CreateObject("WMPlayer.OCX.7" )
         Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection
         if colCDROMs.Count >= 1 then
         For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count - 1
         Next ' cdrom
         For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count - 1
         Next ' cdrom
         End If

3) Now Save Your notepad as ejectcd.vbs

4) Now Double click on your save file and it will automatically eject your CD/DVD Rom


if You want to stop this script your all need is go to Task manager > Process and search here wscript.exe   and click on end process and Finally You Have Done This.
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How To Run WhatsApp On Your PC

WhatsApp is a free messenger designed to be used on smartphones. It works over the internet and allows you to talk to any person living anywhere on planet Earth provided that you know their cellphone number. The app is designed for Nokia Symbian, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone devices and it’s completely free to use for the first year. Don’t let that last line bother you, since there are ways to get it for an unlimited time.

I did not mention PC or Mac in the supported platforms because this app is not officially available on them. But the title wasn’t misleading since we got it running on a PC and Mac.

What will I need?

The tools or rather software that you need is a simple Android emulator for PC/Mac. The one we’ll be using is the well-known Bluestacks App Player you can download from the link provided below.

Download Bluestacks App Player!

And yes, WhatsApp will need your cell-number so you better make sure you have one.

Your system must have a 1GB+ RAM for running the emulator. Good graphics card and processor will obviously result in better rendering but a simple one would also do. Mac OS X or PC with XP SP3, Vista, 7 and 8 are supported.

Let’s Begin…

  • The steps shown below work for both PC and Mac. Just make sure you download the correct version of Bluestacks.
  • First up, download and install Bluestacks app player. It’s a straight forward installation. However it might want to download extra stuff so your internet connection better be working
  • Run the player from the desktop icon. You’ll get to a screen similar to the one shown below

  • Click on the Search icon and enter WhatsApp
  • Select WhatsApp Messenger from the list and proceed to the installation. It might also ask you for a Google account, just provide that right away. Since it is an Android emulator, you’ll be navigated to Google Play. Click Install and it’ll start the download.

  • And that’s it! WhatsApp will ask you to enter a valid phone number. The verification will also work through that number so you better enter it correctly.
  • Great! Now you can use WhatsApp the way you do it on a smartphone. You can customize your profile, contact all your friends regardless of which platform they are running the app on and also get live notifications of new messages from the emulator.

Enjoy WhatsApp!
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How To Download Youtube Videos From VLC Media Player

Today I,m Going To Share With You an amazing youtube tricks by using this trick you can easily download youtube videos from VLC media player. I,m going to share with you this trick because these days download videos is a big problem so you not need any download manager just from you VLC media player you can download youtube videos.for downloading youtube videos from VLC media player just follow these simple steps

1) First of all visit and search video you want to download

2) when you will open the video now just copy the video URL As shown in below image

3) Now open your VLC media player and click on media and then open network stream as shown in below image

4) Now paste video URL in network stream box and click on play as shown in below figure

5) Now your video is started playing in VLC media player . Now Click on tool and then media information as shown in below image

5) Now double click on the location URL as shown in figure and copy it as shown,

6) Now open your browser and paste location URL which you have copy in step 5 in browser address bar your video is started playing in browser window

7) Now Finally right click on video and then click (save as) and save your video where ever you want

Enjoy with this amazing vlc and youtube trick. Keep visiting and tell your friends about our site
 if you have any problem with in it tell me in comment box
Thank You

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

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How To Disable Metro UI in Windows 8

The metro style UI is the new breakthrough user interface that Microsoft has offered along with its new Windows 8 operating system but sadly it has not come up to everyone’s liking. Removing it will render the new OS unstable and rather unusable. So here I outline some ways to remove this new add on without permanently scarring the system. All the methods outlined below are totally reversible.

It is important to know that the following methods men changing registry values and in doing so you can bring harm to the system if you make a mistake. Windows 8 is still in a preview only mode, not even in the public beta. Primarily this is a version to get the developers familiar with the new environment and give them an idea on what to expect.

Here are my previous articles on Windows 8 Screen:

One who has already used Windows 8 knows that if you exit the new Metro UI, a classical windows 7 interface lurks beneath it. The main difference being that now the start button launches the Metro UI instead of the start menu. Following this tutorial will let you configure the start button to disable the metro UI and to call upon once more the classic windows 7 style start menu. You may revert back any time by reversing the process. Here is how you can get the classic menu:

Steps To Disable Metro UI in Windows 8

  1. First, press the Start + R buttons, to open the Run menu.
  2. In the Run window, type “regedit” and hit Enter.
  3. Now scroll on the top of the list and double click on “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”. This will expand the folder.
  4. Do the same for “SOFTWARE “.
  5. In the list, search for “Microsoft” and open it.
  6. Now using the same procedure, navigate to Windows->CurrentVersion->Explorer and some registry entries will appear in the right side of the screen.
  7. Click on the one called “RPenabled” and change its value from “1″ to “0″.

This will cause the metro UI to be replaced with a familiar looking Windows 7 start menu. To revert this all you need to do it to change the value of RPenabled back to 1.

If this seems too hard one can always download a program called start menu selector available from DeviantArt that is a portable utility to switch between these two menus with the click of a button. This software basically just does the same steps detailed above.

Simply download the program from the website, extracts the folders contents and click the executable. This also adds a quicker option for switching between menus when you right click anywhere on the desktop. To ensure that it gets the job done make sure that you use it with admin privelages.
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