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Simple Ways To Grow Your Blog/Websites Traffic

Simple Ways To Grow Your Blog/Websites Traffic
Great Ways To Grow Your Blog/Websites Traffic
Easy Ways To Grow Your Blog/Websites Traffic

The importance of increasing traffic to a blog or website can’t be ignored in any case. More and more traffic inflow is the top priority of every blogger or website owner. Though it seems quite hard to get it but a little effort can make it as easy as a piece of cake. As much is the traffic as much you will earn, provided the quality of traffic is good. In this article I am going to tell you some simple and easy to do.

Simple Ways To Grow Your Blog/Websites Traffic |

Free Giveaways

Fee offers and perks can have a very positive and good effect on your blog. It is will certainly draw more traffic when already visiting viewers will tell others about your site and nice giveaways on it. Your free gifts may contain reminders about your blog. For example a free book or a video can have your web address at start to remind about your website or blog.

Similarly purchase ornaments and charms like key chains, shirt pins, pens and stress balls etc with your website name and URL to gift your customers. This you could offer them if they fill out a marketing survey, or you could create a screensaver related to your area of interest and give it away to first-time visitors.

Witty and Humorous Posts

Be a bit clever and post something interesting say, a humorous post containing jokes or funny videos. It could be a witty content as well. But beware as well that it shouldn’t be trite or cheap. Posts like this serve your purpose well and they are also shared on social network sites. Funny pictures and punches also work. It may not be most targeted traffic but it would increase the traffic and get a good bunch of people on your site. Your funny content should be at least vaguely related to your niche.

An Informative Post

If you write a nice informational post as this one, then you are most likely to pull few natural links toward it and consequently a good number of visitors. Prudent blog owners are well aware of the value of luring their visitors to some great informative content. You needn’t spend hours on writing it, instead provide something interesting and useful to you visitors and see they will be extremely obliged and appreciative. The quality of content really matters in the blogosphere to attract natural links. Giving good experience to your visitors will make you more popular among them. Also it is believed that search engines prize sites that link out to quality content. Search engines like Google want their users to be satisfied with their search results. A site having its own great content and links is really valuable, and the search engines place it at a higher rank. Another good aspect of this is that people love to share huge informative posts on social networks. You will see that one real good post with heaps of work and information can really get the visitors in.

Write a Guest Post

Another effective tactic is the guest posts from you. It works well. What a nice thing to find a popular blog that is accepting guest posts and write a great article and submit it. Try to get it published on more than one top blogs.  Getting it published on many smaller blogs will also have a good effect. This will give you better SEO benefits and direct visitors from the links on which you have posted your content to your blog.

Facebook Fanpage

Adopt the Facebook strategy for increasing traffic to your site. Here is a great tip for you. Create a Facebook Fanpage. It may not be strictly about your site or product. Just make it connected and linked to your niche. Something that people like to click on should be the fanpage about. It may be about cars, or aircrafts or 3G technology.

Adding Blog Carnivals

Create Blog Carnivals on your blog. Blog carnivals are a collection of links about certain topics which are published by some other blogs. You just have to offer the link to your blog post with small description about it. This way you will get a one way link to your post, and quite often to your home page as well. Another advantage is that it’s free.

Arrange Contests and Competitions

Contests and competition give rise to people’s interest, and good rewards generate excitement and curiosity. So, holding a contest with a decent reward can attract the visitors to a large extent. Small cash prizes are more paying and get people attracted to your blog. You can even motivate other bloggers in your niche who are ready to share the details of your competition with their visitors.  The visitors might, as well, tell their friends to enter the competition. Remember competing and winning is a great enticement.

Build Links to Your Blog and Exchange Traffic

Getting other sites to link to you is still the best way to rank high in the search engines. Also you benefit from traffic that clicks through these links directly. There are many ways to attract backlinks. Traffic exchanges provide website owners a quick and free way to get traffic. They come in various forms and themes, yet the fundamental principle remains the same: “view each other’s website”. They give you a percentage of traffic earned by affiliates that you bring into the program.

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Link Exchanges are another incredible way to increase traffic. It has got double benefit; one that you will  not only receive traffic from the linking website, but you’ll get better search engine placement from every link that points to your website as well. Reciprocal linking is a major component of effective SEO.

Not Much Advertising and Product Selling

People sometimes overdo to earn cash by excessive advertising. No doubt advertising is necessary to sell products yet if you carry too far to do too much then you are straying from your target. Other blog owners may not like to link to a blog post that is full of ads and products.

Add a Share Button

Most beginners in blogging believe that if someone wants to share their content, he will do so whether there is a share button or not. But this is not true entirely. Remember that you should make the best use of facilities and make the things as easier as possible. The easier you make it to do something on the internet, the more likely people will go after it. If 50 people read your good article without a share button, then maybe one or two persons will share it. With a share button, more people are likely to share it because it is so much easier to do. But if a person has to visit social network to share your content, he may not return to your site.

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Write Captivating Headings

Make your headings and captions intriguing and interesting. You can even go through your previous posts and change the headlines and titles to make them more captivating. The underlying move is that force people to click on your posts because the titles make them keen.

Use of Keyphrase

Often keyphrases work right on the target. If some of your article is receiving a reasonable traffic for a specific keyphrase, then exploit it by linking to it some of your other posts with the anchor text of that keyphrase.  It is likely to take you up a little and attract more traffic.

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Get To Know Other Bloggers in Your Niche

Another important strategy is to visit other blogs frequently and make precious and good comments on their articles. No doubt, they will like it. Consequently some will visit your blog and comment. After some time they may link to some of your blog posts, or do other trades with you. You are likely to draw some of their traffic to your blog if the targeted readers appreciate your views and opinions. You can also convene meetings with bloggers on other forums and social networks. This can be aided up by exchanging views and ideas to assist each other’s blogs.

Encourage Regular Visitors

Visitors are your real assets and regular visitors are the lifeblood of your blog. You need to keep them intact and motivate them re-visit your site or blog. This demands encouraging the visitors to subscribe to you. This could be newsletters, email updates, RSS feedbacks etc. Regular visitors will pay comments, participate actively and recommend you to others. Keep them reminding about you in places such as side bars. Providing reminder with great content is really helpful.

Write About Something in the News

Write about hot topics in the news and get the traffic boasted. These really charm a reader. There may be news not relevant to your niche but with a little ingenuity you can make it relevant and interesting. You can make a comparison, discuss issues and give reader a food for thought. This extracts benefits from increased searches. An intriguing headline would arouse interest and many people would want to know.  


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