Sunday, October 6, 2013


Add Google+ RSS Feed Widget For Blogger

As all blogger know that What is the importance about RSS feed. If called RSS in one word I called it's a"blood of blogger" because RSS give us all details about blog. It also call as a sitemap. All webmaster increase traffic of his blog via social networking site (Facebook+twitter),Google+. Google+ is one of best competitor of Facebook now a days. Today Google had reached more than 90 million users.

As early no official widget or any RSS feed which we can embed blogger to display your profile stream of recent posts of Google Plus.but Thanks to Google+RSS has now providing a free service enable us to generate an RSS feed for our personal Google+ Profile and pages which we can add to a Simple Feed Widget in blogger.

Let's Go...

Below to see the Informative blog in action and read the entire content About how to add a Google Plus updates Widget (Gadget) in your own blogspot blog.

To Get Started go your mouse to Google+ to RSS and create a feed url of your google+ Profile 
Google+ rss feed

you can use your google+ account to allow permission to access your profile stream.
Allow  permission to get RSS feed

When you complete this process you will be able to Manage your profile and locate your Google+ Profile RSS Feed. 

Just Right Click from your mouse to RSS icon from your profile and go to Copy Link Location or Copy Link Url. This is your Google+ (plus) RSS feed url of your Personal G+ Profile stream.

If you want to Publish a Google+ Page feed click above and find New(Green button) 
and paste your Google+Page Profile ID Number(21 Numerical words. 
NEW RSS FEED for Google+ page

then click on save and you find the test feed button where you find your Google+ Page RSS feed.

Now Talk About How To Add This Feed To Blogger

  • Go to and login with your username and password
  • Go to dashboard
  • Go to Design>>Page Element
  • Ad New Widget and choose ad a new feed gadget from layout
  • Here you can paste the Google+ RSS Feed url and change from choice about title and other option as suit you need. You will be see the preview how your gadget will look like.

Finally in the End save your gadget and enjoy the newly created google+ stream gadget for your blog. 


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