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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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How To Track Visitors to Your Blogger Blog

How To Track Visitors to Your Blogger Blog

A tracking and statistics program is a necessary tool for anyone wishing to build a profitable blog. It will show you useful information about how people found your blog, keywords they used to find it and how long they stayed.

Advantages of Tracking Visitors to Your Site

There are a number of advantages of tracking visitors to your site.

Firstly you will get a clear understanding of the demographics of your site traffic including information like geographical location and length of visits. This kind of information is useful for targeting content to meet the specific needs of your visitors age groups, lifestyles etc. It will enable you to extend your reach and tap into a larger target audience.

Another advantage is that as your site grows you will have the ability to identify trends. An analytics program will provide a snapshot view of the results of different strategies you might employ, the success of posts and of additions like social bookmarking and networking, stumbles and diggs. You will be able to determine the rate of increase in traffic and identify areas where you could improve for instance by targeting specific keywords.

Without this kind of information it is difficult to gauge the performance of your site. If you are interested in growing your site and I am sure you are then you will find access to analytics invaluable in determining where to put your energies. If you decide to sell your site further down the track you will need hard evidence about the level of traffic your site receives.

How to Add Analytics to Your Blogger Blog?

To add a tracking and statistics to your Blogger blog you will need to place a code block in your template. This is a relatively straightforward process. For a step by step tutorial of how to add Google Analytics to Your Blogger blog see my previous article Add Google Analytics to Your Blogger Blog.

This article has covered the advantages and benefits of adding a statistics and tracking program to your Blogger blog. An analytics program will help you track visitors to your blog and understand traffic trends. Grow your Blogger (Blogspot)site today by adding a free tracking and statistics program such as Google Analytics, Site Meter or Stat Counter.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

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How to register and link your website to Google Analytics

In this article I am going to tell you how to register and link your website to Google Analytics with introduction of many more features.

How to register and link your website to Google Analytics


First login into your Gmail account and click on below mentioned link to register with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics to Register

Now click on Login button, it will redirect you to signup page. You can also click on below link to go to signup page directly.

Click Here to Sign up


Here Website tracking option and Universal Analytics option will be selected as default. You don’t need to change this option.


Fill the below mentioned details in the form. Sample data has been given for your reference.

  • Website Name: Info Blog Maz
  • Website URL:
  • Industry Category: Other
  • Reporting Time Zone: Pakistan (GMT+05:00) Pakistan Standard Time
  • Account Name: Info Blog Maz (Name which you like)
  • Select all the options and click on Get Tracking ID, select Pakistan license term and click on I Accept.
  • Now you will get a tracking ID like UA-XXXXXXXX-X and a script code.

Incorporate this script in your website and verify your website. Now your website is successfully registered and linked with Google Analytics.

Now you can check following things in your Google Analytics account.

In MY STUFF you can access following feature.

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