Monday, May 5, 2014


How To Download Paid Android Apps Free

Android is one of the best Operating system these days for this reason there is plenty of apps in Play store. There is two type of apps in Play store one is free and another one is Paid. You can download free apps easily Top 10 Android apps  but you cannot spent too much money on buying apps only. Everyone in this world love freebies including me you too reading this because you want to download paid Android apps free, wondering how ? Is is very easy just follow the steps.

How To Download Paid Android Apps Free

There are three methods to download paid android apps free.


The first and easy method to download paid Android apps free, Just download and Install the Appdroid on your Android phone and start searching for the required app in appdroid. after finding your required download the app without spending a single penny. download your favorite apps instantly. do not waste time just download the app by download link below. Download Appdroid

Note: It supports only Android 4.x and above check your Android version before downloading. if u have not supporting Android version try other method given below.


Yes you can download paid Android apps via Google search. just follow the steps below. 1. Go to Google play and search the app you want to download. 2. Go to description and check that app version.

3. After checking the version go to and search the app with its version and specially keep in mind add .apk after version. here Apk means Setup of any Android application. for example : suppose you want to download My backup pro 4.0.5  search Google with “My backup pro 4.0.5 .apk”

4. Go to given search results and found and Download the apk file and go to file manager and open the file that you have downloaded, it will ask you for allowing unknown source, tap on setting and tick the unknown source. 5. Install the app and start using it, this second to download paid android apps free


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