Thursday, May 1, 2014

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Change Windows 8 Logon Screen Background Image

Windows 8 comes with a background image of a subtle green shade. But as it stands not every user might like this same image to be seen each and every time they log into any windows 8 computers. To truly customize your machine beyond the masses you have too at least set a custom background image for Windows 8 logon screen and Windows 8 Metro start screen background.

The windows 8 green pixelated image is pretty cool but surely one would get bored of it after using the system for a couple of weeks. Your family picture, your pet, your favorite music band are a few options.

To truly change your boring old Windows 8 Metro screen background, give Windows 8 Start Tweaker a try. It’s a portable utility that can be used to change your Windows 8 start screen and also choose as the color of your choice for the Windows 8 logon screen.

Change Windows 8 Logon Screen

To do this you just have to extract the small program and run it as administrator and browse to the location of the image you wish to use. Note that the program has Chinese as the default language and to use it in English you will have to select the US flag option.

When you have chosen the custom image of your choice for your Windows 8 Metro background and the color of choice for your Windows 8 logon screen, simply log out and back in to see the effective changes.

If you do not like the new Metro UI then there is always the option to revert back to the older Windows 7 start menu interface. Untill the release of a stable version of the new OS I recommend using the classic windows style for important work and dwelling on the new look only in spare time.

To ensure the best fit of the custom background image make sure that the image you use is twice the current resolution of your screen. This will make sure that the image fills the whole background and not just a part of it.


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