Saturday, February 15, 2014

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How to Transfer Android Apps via Bluetooth

How to Transfer Android Apps via Bluetooth

I have recevied requests from many people that they are unable to send andriod apps from one phone to another via bluetooth so I have foud this trick to transfer mobile app from one phone to other hope that you all are going to like this.Method:
There are two steps in transferring android apps using Bluetooth.

  • → Create APK files using Astro
  • → Transfer APK files using Bluetooth Transfer App.

Create APK files using Astro:

  • → Download & install Astro on your android phone.
  • → Run the application.
  • → Press the settings soft key and choose “Tools” option. A pop-up will be opened.
  • → Now, select “Application Backup” and wait for Astro to generate a list of all the apps installed on your mobile.

  • → From the list, select the android app that you’d like to send via Bluetooth to another mobile and click the “backup” button to create the APK file.
  • → Once the backup is finished, press the “back” key to return to Astro main screen.
  • → Navigate to your SD card -> Backups -> Apps to find the APK files created by Astro.

 Transfer APK files using Bluetooth Transfer App:

  • → Download, Install and Run Bluetooth Transfer App (you require this app as the Bluetooth access to APK files is blocked by default).
  • → Once the app is opened, go to SD card -> Backups -> Apps and select the file you want to send to another phone and press the “Bluetooth” button (search for the other device and send it).
  • → The receiver can now be able to install the android app on his mobile phone without any problem.


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