Sunday, January 12, 2014

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How to Add Skype Contact Widget In Blogger

No doubt, Skype is considered the best conservation tool ever on the internet and its competitors are very less. Mostly people on internet use Skype to connect with their loved ones. More over its also used in the Business fields such as in the developed countries, interviews of the contestants from other countries are taken live via the Skype Video Call, because it has the high quality sound and video features. Interestingly its also free Skype To Skype. You can talk to your friends, family ones, relatives, the way and the time you want. There is no restriction. Its easy to use and with just one click you are connected to your loved ones. It also has a great reputation in Online Business and Marketing. Many famous bloggers, and webmasters and online earners use Skype to connect with their loyal readers. So, today we thought to share this awesome feature of How To Add Skype Contact Widget In Blogger.

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Steps To Add Skype Contact Widget In Blogger 

Adding Skype contact widget in your blogger blog is so much easy but as its your first time so we will be guiding you through the whole process. Also it should be kept in mind that you should have a Skype account otherwise you cannot add it in your blogger blog.

Step-1 :

Go to the Skype Developer Area. This tool will be the main key to build the Skype Contact Widget for your blogger blog. Its powered by Skype Team.

Step-2 :

After going to the Skype Developer Area. You will be seeing some pretty options and the first option will be Enter Your Skype Name. In the provided field under that option write your Skype name. Keep in mind that your Skype name should be genuine otherwise the widget won't work.By adding this Skype ID of yours, your visitors will be able to directly connect with you via your blog.

Step-3 :

The next option will be selecting the type of the widget you want to add in your blog. By this option you can allow your visitors to either connect you via voice chat or just with the messaging. Choice is yours !
Step-4 :

The next will be of choosing the widget layout. You can change the color and size of Skype Contact Widget in this option. But we advice you to go with the default settings.

Step-5 :

All the above steps were the settings of your widget. Now, you have to add it in your blog. So, for that 
Go to Blogger Dashboard.
Go to Layout >> Add Gadget >> Html/JavaScript.
Again go to Skype Developer Area (Open Existing Tab) and copy the Java/Script code provided in the bottom. 
Paste that Java/Script code in the Html?JavaScript Popup and click save.

You Have Done It ! Congratz Buddy!

Final Words 

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