Wednesday, November 6, 2013


How to Make Money Online With Google Adsense Program

It’s a series of articles about AdSense, in Step 1, I’ve already explained you the definition that what Google AdSense is. In this step no. 2, I will explain that how you can make money by using Google AdSense program.

How to Make Money Online With Google Adsense Program

First of all you need to establish an account here. To create an AdSense account, you must submit a utility for approval by Google AdSense website. This is a registration process; throughout this course Google checks your website or blog. Google will take a look that what kind of content material you publish and this publish content is in a language that’s compatible with the AdSense program. And also it checks your age that as a blog owner you are over eighteen years old.

You need to wait for account approval. When your account has been approved. Now you are ready to setup your account on AdSense interface. Being a blog owner you should have Google account, you can use the same account for log-in details or you can create a new account. While you are doing account setup process, you can choose that what kind of ads you want to display on your blog or site. Either to have text, image or video, this is your choice. You can also customize the ads as per their size and format and you have a choice that where on the page they will appear. Where they fit in with the look and feel of your blog or site.

When this setup is completed, Google will give you a snippet of code for your customized ad unit. You need to paste this code into your blog. Now you should place this snippet as a part of your blog’s or website. This code is now common across your whole blog so the ad unit will show on each and every page of your blog or website. Google also provides the comprehensive detailed for this process.

Once the AdSense code has been added to your blog or site, ads will start showing on your blog or website. Now you can trace their achievements and your earnings from within your account interface. You can see your earned money with the help of interface. Your earnings will generate on per-click or per-impression basis. Depend how many clicks are there on the advertisements. You can take a high-degree snapshot on your account dashboard to see your advertisements’ performance. If you want more detailed info corresponding to the entire number of page, number of ad clicks, ad unit impressions, the ad’s click-via price, earnings per ad, and effective value per impression then you should download reviews for your easiness. So the Step no. 2 show that how you generate income or revenue online by joining Google AdSense program.

Many people already generating revenue 25000 US$ every month. Generally people wants to spend more and more time with their family. This is also a great opportunity for those kinds of people. This is not difficult just manage your time and continue the follow up. Spend time learning and start earning. Wish you best of luck.


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