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How To Increase Page views On Your Blog

Are you not getting enough pageviews ?
Do you want your visitors to stay more on your BLOG?
Do you want to increase pageviews of your BLOG?

How To Increase Page views On Your Blog |

The most important thing you have to bear in mind is that search engines always rely on genuine and quality traffic. Your unique visitors carry more weight than new or off and on visitors. Re-visitors must be a higher priority as you could trust in them. Getting a new visitor is not always an easy task. Your unique visitors give you a quality page view and bring about new visitors through suggestions among their circles. So give them a quality page view. But the question is how you determine that a page view is of high quality.

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Generating website traffic takes more effort on your part mainly making sure you're staying consistent. How many page views you got simply depicts how many blog posts you have generated. Figures show that your average blog reader views around one and a half pages each time he visits a blog. So it would be quite reasonable to say that more the pages you have, the better you're doing.

What Can We Do To Get More Page Views

Series Writings - This method of creating page views is really effective if you have valuable content to offer your readers. So the most important thing you need is to focus on is writing high quality content. If your series is successful, you should see a nice increase in web traffic and page impressions. A unique visitor would then only visit your site and provide you a page view and suggest his friends about your content thereby increasing page views for your blog.

Interlink within Post- this is simply linking to your own post. This method is highly effective and useful as it not only provides links to your post but would certainly engage your readers to view your posts that are relevant.

Be interactive- Sites like Facebook and YouTube are all about interaction and community. If you succeed in engaging your readers through comment and create a community, you'll have loyal and consistent readers and that will increase web site traffic.

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Get Comments to Get Page Views

Invite comments- simply ask, as better said, "a closed mouth don't get fed'

One thing you want to do on your blog, even outside of increasing page views, is to interact with your readers. You have to let people know that you're not just throwing out content but that you actually care about your readers and their opinions. There are a few methods you can use to get more comments, like:

  • Update your blog daily: Change something, change some articles, change some design, change some widgets, and keep on testing. Bring something new for the visitors. Another important factor that very much interests the visitors is updates. Visitors are always thrilled to see something new and awesome things. You will really get comments and feedback you want.
  • Updating the old content is another method of attracting unique visitors for commenting. The good old articles had been good and effective for the past. Now you need new ones to coop-up with the changes we are having in Google algorithm.
  • Keep commenting on other site in your niche. Commenting leads to link building strategy, and Google cares for some high quality link backs. So, commenting will also increase your page views.
  • Social networking sites can have a better impact as well, since they invite comments. Always try and share your post to various social media networking sites, as these are more influential than any other source. Thus, you can instantly increase page views.
  • An Incomplete Thought or Idea - simply leave a thought unfinished. It engages the mind of reader that what next might be. Offer a bit of information and have the readers connected. They must interact and leave comments.

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Offer Reward for Comments- Everyone likes getting rewards for doing simple task. Motivate your unique readers by offering an incentive for those who comment on your blog post regularly. You won’t have to do this often because it will be expected and once you meet the expectation, you will have a reader retained.

You need to understand the science of Blogging as it is a fun. Remember that when you will see web site traffic spike or many page views on your blog you will have a beautiful tingling inside you and you will believe that you are doing something right. So just remember that, the more page views will be determined by the page view by unique visitors.


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