Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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Find The Date Of Gmail Creation Account Easily

If your google account are hacked or you unable to get your gmail account back because you no remeber your mobile phone number or alternative email address then Google will require you to answer some question before restoring your gmail account . .

Find the date of your gmail creation account easily from very little trick it will show your date of created account of your google. in this post i teach how can you show this information

These Question Are Showing

1. What was the last password you used in to your gmail account ? 
2. When was the last time you were able to sign in to your Google Account?
3. When did you create your Google Account?

all above question are must require and if you are not know your exact creation date of your account then you unable to restore your account. 

So, therefore I recommended you a note of your gmail account create date means birth date of your gmail account  in safe place but the question is how can i get this information ? 

How To Find Gmail Creation Date 

Gmail Creation Date

Go to google.com/takeout and sign-in with your current Google Account.
Now click the link that says “Transfer your Google+ connections to another account”
Google will once again require your account password. Sign-in and on the next screen you’ll see you Google Account creation date as shown in the above screenshot.
This is one important piece of information which will be required for recovering your lost Gmail account.

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